Blue + Jobs: The re-enactment

Image: a re-enactment of Steve Jobs telling me off. Location: the Pownce pre-launch party. Cast: Steve Jobs as played by Veronica Belmont; Katie Cotton as played by a PBR, a MacBook Air as played by Ariel Waldman, and Violet Blue as played by an anonymous inebriated blogger. Way better photos of us from the party are here.

There’s not enough sex in this story to keep blogging about it, so here’s the wrap:

* What Bugs Apple Fans (Forbes)
* Macworld 2008: SF Gate’s Violet Blue Gets Dissed by Steve Jobs (Wired News)
* Violet Blue: Steve Jobs snubbed me (cnet)
* Sex columnist touches Steve Jobs, and Scoble gets his jollies (Valleywag)
* His Jobsness snubs fangirl (The Inquirer)
* Steve Jobs in internet PR DISASTER! Calls fan “rude” as assistant “snort laughs” at photo request (Tech Digest)
* Quoted: Good Morning Silicon Valley (GMSV)
* Steve Jobs is not your pal (or Violet Blue’s) (TechSpace: USA Today)
* Digg: Steve Jobs Tells off Fan (Digg)
* Re: the Violent Blue controversy — you just do NOT walk up and touch me. Ever. You just don’t. (The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs)
* Flattering shout-outs from Marc Canter, Susan Mernit and more.

There’s more, but this email was most interesting:

“hey V. this is interesting. not only is your steve jobs story one of the top dugg stories the past couple days, but it has the honor of being the most buried story according to this fun little tool. not sure that it means anything at this point, but kinda of interesting i think…

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