A few of my highlights at Fleshbot, scary-boob-free!

darenzia for exquisite restraint* Dave Naz Spreads The Lust Dave sent me some very nasty preview pics of his new film, LA Lust. He sent me a trailer too, but it was too big to post :(

* Sell Your Sex Tape (But Not To Us, OK?) Amateur cuties, even a good looking guy or two.

* Andy San Dimas Puts A Smile On Our Face When I get off this crazy Fleshbot hamster wheel, I’ll find some of her galleries in the Kink.com archives if you’re interested. I like finding fresh smiley faces like hers.

* CYK Girls Look Healthy To Us Pretty gritty amateur stuff, actually. (Okay, now I have “pretty gritty kitty litter” in my head. Anyone remember that?)

* Exquisite Restraint Makes Everything Feel Too Snug I’m ready for my corset budget now. Yeah, right… (image via)

* And you can’t tell, but I’m doing tons of “quicklinks” too, which don’t show me as the author. Like:

* The hot girl who celebrates her double masectomy with a topless pinup shoot

* This Saturday’s 7th Annual No Pants! Subway Ride in New York

* Possibly the world’s scariest dildo

* And don’t miss Johnny Homicide’s superb reviews at Eros Zine about Triple Ecstasy, Creamplosions (no, sadly it’s not food porn) and more.

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