NYE: Seeking

http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/evg/523644984.html (Ad is down, success achieved. Text is after the jump if anyone was/is curious)

Update: the response was overwhelming, and I have many decisions to make! I found special amusement in seeing my post flagged for removal twice (easy to fix), even though it was not in TOU violation in any way — I can only assume it’s one of my obsessive, destructive stalkers who all think they’re anonymous but have left their tracks everywhere they’ve attacked me: hi Nina, hi Cheryl, and hi to my new troll Erin! This is like the bestest prom ever. I hope you all get jobs in 2008. Everyone on sites you’ve harassed me on all year know who you are. You were never anonymous, my Heathers. I have spoken to the police more than once, and they take same-sex cyberstalking *very* seriously. Keep it up.

Nonetheless, goth kitty hostess success!

This was my ad, yay:

me: slightly kinky pin-up girl hosting swanky New Year’s Eve party in need of one femme, slightly exhibitionist, party assistant. I am a bratty, female, well-established sex educator and emphasize playfulness with respect; all orientations encouraged.

looking for: I am interested in finding a sassy “housegirl” to assist with my New Year’s party and chat up guests. this is about fun, not humiliation, pressure, or sex. my guests will be eclectic, from tech celebs to sex educators to software engineers to bloggers and authors and Trannyshack gayboys and people of all genders and orientations.

my wish list: a scantily clad (burlesque, goth-kitty, or 1930/40/50’s lingerie would be fab) sex-positive hostess, friendly and flirty (no sex is expected, and my guests are respectful); keeping coasters on surfaces, keeping glasses filled with absinthe and champagne, keeping nibbles circulating, kitty watched, and going as far with the live guest webcam as is comfortable (though this is not a “porn” gathering at all, and the cam is mostly to toast viewers joining us from around the world). I will need you to be a greeter at the door, and assist with setup and handing out departure gifts (gift bags are sponsored by Good Vibes, though this is an exclusive *private*, invite-only party). hot goth kittycats are a personal plus. you should be okay with having your image (with your permission) posted to high-traffic blogs, but can rest assured that your wishes will absolutely be respected if you decline photo ops. for burlesque performers or models, this is a fantastic marketing opportunity to get your project or website blogged far and wide.

offering: cash payment, free food, free drinks, a personally selected, take-home, private erotic gift package.

optional kink: if interested in developing the “housegirl” role, in addition to the above exchange, we could negotiate additional erotic predicaments/punishments. it’s all in fun and play, and in no way expected.

no sex. I am NOT looking for professionals. hours: 8:30pm-1am. party starts at 9, and you are welcome to get ready on premises.

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