Patrick Norton responds to Leo LaPorte

If you’re still following along with the ugliness that unfolded after my column Web Celebs and my Rainbow-Flag Bikini (about This Week in Tech dissing the Forbes 25 Web Celeb list, especially the women on it, especially me), you’ll want to see this. Apparently there has been some communication between SFGate, LaPorte, and possibly the other TWiT crew. Today the Gate’s Eve Batey posted Violet Blue and the “Moose Lodge” on the Culture Blog, now updated with a full-on response from TWiT member Patrick Norton, who calls Leo “rude” and says some fierce things about me. Part of me is really wondering what LaPorte said about me to provoke this response, but the other part of me really doesn’t want to know. Reading the hate on Dvorak’s blog was enough for my thick skin this weekend…

Big muthafuckin’ props to Patrick Norton for standing up to LaPorte (an emailer yesterday who recently worked with LaPorte called him “a tyrant”); no wonder people who wrote in to me about TWiT said they liked him so much.

Update: fellow female podcaster Cunning Minx blogged her reaction to la LaPorte on her blog and Polyamory Weekly’s blog. Thank you, Miss Minx!

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