Keeping up with me on New Year’s Eve

Yay, it’s New Years Eve! Smooches to everyone who made this a fabulous year on Tiny Nibbles, and in my life — which are pretty much one and the same. It’s been a crazy year for many people, and while the pain was, well, painful, the people I’ve become close to and the experiences I’ve had I wouldn’t trade for a year of happy days.

One of the most valuable relationships I have in the world is with you, dear readers (and emailers). Thank you for spending a little time with me. Sometimes your emails have brought me back from the edge; sometimes they’ve made me squeal and squirm in my office chair; sometimes they’ve even made me weep a bit in love for the world.

I’ll be going to a party later where there’s wi-fi and I’ll be bringing my camera and laptop — and will hopefully be uploading between cocktails to my Flickr stream. Hang out with me there, if you like.

Much love and peace to all. Next year is going to be ten times more sexy, fun, entertaining, just fucking weird and exciting. I have lots of blogging to do, I hope to find some kind of weird new writing/media job to add to the mix, I’ll have oodles of sex info-art-sites-news to tell you about — and more controversy to stir up. Um, because I’m so quiet, retiring and shy… I think I should get out of my shell a bit more as a resolution, don’t you think?

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