Doing Fleshbot for the next couple days…

I’m filling in for sweet Jonno thursday and friday — and I have some great posts — at Fleshbot, so please do come over and say hi! We’ve got comments, so definitely come bug/tease/flirt with me and/or complain about my posts at your leisure. Also, tips are welcome at tips @ fleshbot dot com. Meanwhile I’m having a late night flexing my interweb search-fu and finding all kinds of crazy fun stuff — and rifling the Fleshbot archives while I’m at it. A minute in my brain: nun porn! Fat celebrities! Pterodactlys (thanks to Jacob Appelbaum, sending me scary dino porn while in Vienna)!

You know, I’m just generally making an *extremely valuable* contribution to society and culture that will be cherished for generations to come. All in a day’s work, really.

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