Bits and bobs

* Spent the day at SRL yesterday (and today) tarping machines before the rain hits this week; but first I was sent on a shopping errand (surprisingly) with one of my lifelong underground culture heroes, so I shot this video. I also started this SRL photo bin for random shots around the shop. The past 2 days have needfully been solitary and machine grease scented; feels good to be home with the machines and SRL family who make me smile.

* I was affectionately quoted in a Village Voice article about sex toys for boys, and my new book about sex toys for couples was cited! Read Lusty Lady: Boys’ Toys — Cock rings, butt plugs, finger massagers and other guy goodies.

* Thomas Roche wrote about billboards and my knockers in prose festooned with humorously groan-worthy references to my rack in the latest installment of Eros Guide’s News Briefs.

* The cover for my upcoming book has coyly, quietly appeared on Amazon.

* The Supreme Court thinks your right to sexual privacy is so 90s. Which means *now* it really is.

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