All Your Wikipedia

are belong to marketers:

“I can’t say who I am, but I do work at a company that uses Wikipedia as a key part of online marketing strategies. That includes planting of viral information in entries, modification of entries to point to new promotional sites or “leaks” embedded in entries to test diffusion of information. Wikipedia is just a more transparent version of Myspace as far as some companies are concerned.”

(Boing Boing link)

I have been encouraged by my pal Thomas to get busy with accurate sex info at Wikipedia, but haven’t had a chance, though until now I had still intended to. Now I’m not so sure. I blogged SugarHive: The Sex Wiki and Wiki After Dark last week on Fleshbot and now I wonder how contaminated these wikis could get with adult spammer-type marketing content. It’s fairly easy to weed through the lame porn spam entries in things like and Technorati, but I wonder…. then again, big porn companies can barely match their press releases with their site content (and many have just discovered spell check), so why should I worry? Oh yeah — penis enlargement pill companies. Just think, you go looking for hope and advice, or at least information so you can get your sex life back in gear, and it’s an entry about pills and crappy dick pumps…

Update: BBC responded to their part.

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