Best. Opener. Ever.

This has to be one of the best openers to an email I’ve ever gotten, but since it’s from a highly visible someone who works in the porn biz (Gram Ponante) and (w00t) here it is:

“Yay Violet Blue! I was overwhelmingly relieved when I found out tinynibbles was not written by your Klan Rally namestealer.”

A marriage proposal is tempting, but cult-like adoration will have to suffice. You see, their email was well-timed; it came right after I opened a submission email for Best Women’s Erotica ’06, a letter where the author started by complimenting me on being a porn performer, I think in hopes of making it in the book. Actually, that works the opposite way. Confusing me with the racist porn performer who started using my name well after I had been published and poen columns online and in many places shows me that you do not take a minute to read the intros on my main and blog pages, that you don’t look at my photos, that you’re not paying attention. I wonder, do you work for AVN?

Still, it bums me out to be reminded of the fact that a search for my name yields things like “see teen Violet Blue get gangbanged” and is associated with someone who says in interviews they think the US should “kill the whole Middle East.” Not funny.

So the email from the porn valley writer tickled me to no end, and showed me that someone is paying attention after all. Then, tonight I went to Aaron Hawks’ “Locus in Quo” opening at the Shooting Gallery (where I took these lovely pictures of the performance), and afterward I had a cocktail with my friend Erika Bellas. She told me about her very irritating problem: when she searches her name, she gets a few relevant hits, but also gets “Ericka Bella’s Gang Bang.” This really sucks for her, especially when she goes job hunting and and potential employers Google her name. But what a relief to hear someone with a similar problem — and a friend, no less! Bizarrely, she told me that sometimes Violet Blue and Ericka Bella’s (porn sex act) come up together. Coincidence? Strange, and awful, but true. How do we make it stop?

Meanwhile, I’m a bit absent lately: I have the first manuscript for Best Women’s Erotica ’06 due June 1, an eassay for Russ Kick’s Everything You Know About Sex is Wrong due on the 15th, a reading Saturday, a lecture to students Sunday, a Dorkbot presentation on Teledildonics June 1 (with live demonstration; details soon), and my day job at Fleshbot all keeping me really, really busy. Happy busy.

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