My Very Own Darwin Award

Eddie is now free, phew. But if you want a taste of the naughty dirty things the Republicans are up to during the convention, read this awesome blog by a woman who works as a cocktail waitress in a strip club that has been seeing a lot of Repub. action in the past week… (Thanks Daze).

Am I a candidate for a Darwin Award? I wouldn’t be at all surprised if I am. Cruising around ErosBlog, I stumbled across a link to "Autoerotic Fatalities With Power Hydraulics," and immediately had to send it to my SRL pals. I received an instant reply: "…says the girl covered in "motor oil" posed next to the running machine. ;) I’m pretty sure our little calendar has raised a few eyebrows in academia across the country. I can only imagine the pools regarding the next Darwin Award."

To my delight, AdultFriendFinder reviewed my Ultimate Guide to Adult Videos. Hooray!

I was approached a while back by a British TV Network for an interview — it seems they’re working on a new reality-TV comedy show about sex, and when they told me what it is, and what I would do in it, I was thrilled. Especially because I would go to London for the gig — but to my dismay, I introduced them to too many exciting people here in SF, and now they’re coming here. So next Thursday I get to be on a cool comedy show — now *that’s* the kind of stuff I want to be doing. But no London, boo-hoo. I really wanted to meet a few people I’ve connected with through this blog; maybe airfares will plummet and I’ll escape for a weekend. At any rate, I set the UK TV folks up with the PornOrchestra misfits, and while I somehow ended up on their mailing list, I discovered that I am now in the orchestra. I do not play an instrument, unless you count the skin flute. Okay, I confess to sometimes putting on my favorite Theremin albums really loud and playing air Theremin in my underwear. But I think someone in PornOrchestra is having fun. I got the email and scanned the list of musicians/performers, and down at the very bottom was "Violet Blue: Color Commentary." Sweet. I’m just glad no one saw my Theremin/Risky Business routine.

So many people ask me about sweetening or improving the taste of male ejaculate — and yes, you really can sweeten a man’s come. Check out my recipe for a Super Spunk Smoothie.

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