After Last Tuesday

Whew, I’m recovering from the Tim benefit. I staffed the SRL Nudie Calendar table all night, signing calendars and chatting folks up about out super-cute calendar and the very hot boys and girls I work with in Survival Research Labs. Mark Pauline blew up three huge images from the calendar into big glossy posters — and because he loves to tease me, he blew up the one of me and put it right next to the table! I blushed a lot, but had a great time, and we sold quite a few calendars. But we didn’t sell them all, and the rest will be on sale on the SRL web site soon until they’re all gone — I’ll post the link for interested parties when it’s ready.

I got smooched a lot, felt like a nudie cutie star signing autographs, and got away from the table to boogie down with the incredibly talented Extra Action Marching Band. What an amazing phenomenon they are — horns, drums, undulating half-naked flag boys and girls — and everyone danced. Except Tim, of course — he was in a wheelchair but the band played all over and around and to him! I didn’t get home until four and dragged my butt into Good Vibrations by ten, to write with bloodshot eyes and sit through two hours of meetings about ad content… eesh. I came home early and watched some porn, then wrote our email newsletter the GV Spot, edited new erotic fiction for the Good Vibes magazine — and collapsed into bed with my phone to make some calls. But the highlight of my day was an email from a fan who wrote to tell me I was sexy — because I use a G4! You bet — I think all Mac users are hotties!

Tonight when I get home from work, a review of PornOrchestra.

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