Sex with a bench = bad idea

Image by John Means Whatever.

Sex with a fence, sex with a picnic table, sex with a bench… Inanimate objects are apparently teh hotness. Snip:

Police and medical personnel were called to Lan Tian park in Hong Kong after the man, named as 41-year-old local Le Xing, got into difficulty after he put his penis through a hole in the bench and got stuck when he became aroused.

Mr Xing, described in reports as “lonely and disturbed”, told police that he thought it would be fun to have sex with the bench.

When officers and doctors arrived at the scene they tried to release some of the pressure by removing some of his blood. But their efforts proved unsuccessful, forcing them to cut the bench from the ground and take it, with Xing attached, to a city hospital.

It took doctors four hours to cut him free. (…read more.)

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  1. Wha? They couldn’t do some judicious bench cutting to release his member? Either this guy was the Men Of Steel or the penalty for defacing public property is prohibitive there!

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