Violet Blue Videos: A Sampler of TV, Talks, Interviews and Trailers

I love to make videos, I’ve been on a number of TV shows (Tyra, Attack of the Show, Oprah, CNN), and I make film trailers for my books with lots of fun actors. I’ve given a number of headline talks at important technology conventions around the world and two Google Tech talks… My Google Tech Talk Sexual Privacy Online (click to watch on YouTube) has had over 1.5 million views.

I was a longtime correspondent for Geek Entertainment TV, and you can find my episodes here, including my interviews with Steve Wozniak, Gavin Newsom, and more.

You can find my video channels on YouTube,, Vimeo, and Qik.

Here is CNN coverage of my most recent talk at SxSW 2011 (March) Sexual Survival for Geeks, which was presented as the launch of SxSW’s “Health” category. CNN stitched together my responses to misrepresent the talk and the people that attended it (the CNN cameraman approached female attendees both before and after the talk asking them to do “girls gone wild” antics for his camera – they refused), but the interview came out fine overall:

Newest bookTotal Flirt – the video trailer:

Appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show:

The Future of Sex and Technology at LeWeb tech conference in Paris, France:

With EFF founder John Perry Barlow talking about the Internet and sexuality:

With Twitter’s Robin Sloan “Has Mass Media Changed Sexual Fantasy?” for the Long Now Foundation:

“Turning Sexuality Social [Media]” at Gnomedex conference in Seattle, Washington:

Reading an erotic story on a bed at Supperclub for Litquake:

Book trailer for Seal It With a Kiss:

App trailer for the forthcoming Total Flirt iPhone and Android app:

Direct response to the anti-porn feminist agenda: founding Our Porn, Ourselves:

Interviewed by About: Sexuality’s Cory Silverberg at SXSW:

On G4’s Attack of the Show, topic “The Future of Sex”:

A tour of the Madame S fetish and BDSM factory:

Response to being inexplicably and hostilely deleted from Boing Boing:

Demo reel with various video and TV appearances:

  • John


    I appreciated your geek sex talk a lot. I am one (geek), survivor, etc. You seemed to be trying to make the connection between technical drive and unresolved early issues. To me this is plain as day. I particularly like the al-anon quip “We understand as perhaps few others can.”. So, when you talked about your early traumas I could so relate :). As I sometimes hear people say: My horror story is the worst one I ever heard ’cause it happened to me, and probably your horror story is the worst one you ever heard ’cause it happened to you. “Normal” people just don’t get it.

    I often wonder if there are ANY “successful” people without serious early issues? So helping them via sfsi and other channels such as mentoring seems so needed. Guess what I do in my copious spare time…. Now, long time AA, etc. You can probably fill in the rest!

    Lots of fun :).


  • Hi Violet,

    Your video on Madame S in San Francisco’s SOMA is super informative. It was fun to see our old neighboorhood and learn something new – that Madame S allows role play in the store. That’s erotic as hell. Wish we would have known!

    You are gorgeous!

  • Mark Kondra

    Thanks for what you do. 48 y/o male who was raised in the typical sex is dirty household and was pretty uptight for most of my life. I have read your material and learned a lot and actually have been able to discuss it with my wife (who is not uptight) and we have had some great conversations and been able to spice our sex life up significantly. I even enjoy a good spanking now and then. More importantly I am not ashamed of who I am or what I like. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!