Sex Toys: Double Dildos for Adventurous Couples by Violet Blue

My sex research gets me into all kinds of fun predicaments, from pouring and rubbing raspberry syrup and purple frosting all over myself for a notorious fetish photographer to wearing several different types of vibrating panties in public. But some of my favorite research happens behind closed doors, where I have an arsenal of toys to employ, and a playful, naughty boy toy to use them on. Which is just where I found myself on holiday vacation: with a bad, bad boy, a host of implements for double penetration, and lots of time on my hands.

It was the holidays and he had a package for me all right, but I had something for him, too. I sat him and his package on the bed in front of the TV and told him that he was very wicked to just walk in like that, and that he was in a lot of trouble. He smiled cutely, and I told him we were going to try simultaneous penetration, too, and he grinned from ear to ear. I reached under the bed and pulled out the bag I had been saving for the holidays, and emptied the contents on the table by the bed.

I had long dreamed of double penetration with a man. I’d tried it with a couple of women, and the experiments were hot, sometimes silly, and always a lot of fun. But with men, there was the added heat of playing Bend Over Boyfriend, and I knew we had the right tools for the job in stock at Good Vibes. I gave him a devious smile, donned a latex glove, slowly filled my hand with slippery Maximus Lube, and warmed him up with a genital massage that went from front to back — to his back door, that is.

All warmed up for penetration, he was ready for me to try the Nexus Jr. on him. I slipped on the Malibu Triangle harness and slid the Nexus Jr. through the hole, and affixed the harness snugly with the dildo in place inside me. It felt pretty arousing to be all strapped in and penetrated at the same time — just what I had fantasized about. But that didn’t prepare me for the terrific sensations of tugging and rhythmic pressure on my end of the Nexus Jr. as I penetrated my partner and began thrusting slowly. It didn’t go in and out of me by much, maybe an inch or so, but it felt great. The flat plane separating the different-sized dildo ends was bulky, and I was a little worried that the harness would slip because the shape and bulk of the dildo requires the harness to be worn lower than usual. It took a little getting used to, but neither of us was complaining.

The Nexus also comes in a larger size (just called Nexus), but we wanted to move on to another type of double-your-pleasure, boy-girl fun. I grabbed my favorite harness, the Terra Firma, and a Coupler to try out a trick I learned from a customer in one of our stores. I slid my dildo-du-jour, Butch, into one of the end holes of the Coupler, sat the base of it on the inside of the harness’ crotch, and wrapped the coupler around the outside of the harness’ crotch — affixing the dildo to the inside of the harness by sliding the last hole of the Coupler onto the dildo. Then with the dildo in place to penetrate me, I pulled on the harness and the dildo into me, and tightened the straps. Then I put another dildo in the ring of the harness, and got to work on my sweetheart. The whole setup was blissful. He had the exact dildo he wanted, I had mine, and I fucked him — and myself — halfway to heaven. Like the Nexus, the dildo didn’t have a lot of in-out inside of me, but I really liked the control I had over the whole setup.

But we still had something completely different to try. The Feeldoe is a wearable dildo that penetrates the female wearer with a thick, delicious plug that angles out from the pubic area into an erect silicone dildo. This divine invention was a gas to play with when I found a female playmate last fall, and I could only imagine the possibilities with my dedicated male research assistant. I slid the Feeldoe into place, put him flat on his back and began penetration, missionary-style. The dildo was a tad bit larger than what we’d been using so I went slowly — though it was difficult because with every push I could feel the ridges on the dildo’s base on my clit. This combined with the pressure and tugging on the plug inside me was incredible. We both gave the Feeldoe our highest marks.

But like the space shuttle, I needed more thrust to get off. I switched tactics, telling him I wasn’t through with him, and called on a classic, the long double-ended Double Daisy. This was just like the ones the women in the video were using, and that only added to our arousal. I penetrated him first, then moved into position on my end. We took turns pushing and pulling the dildo. I had learned with my female playmates that trying to face each other while being penetrated by these straight-as-an-arrow dildos just doesn’t work, so we stayed in place, watching each other like we were each other’s private peep show. It was outrageously hot, and with one of us controlling the dildo, we each had a hand free to add extra manual stimulation to the game — and that was the end of the experiment. And the lube. But tomorrow’s another day.


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