Sunday Sex Reads: Best of the Week

“Defined simply, asexuality and aromanticism refer to people who lack the desire to have sexual and romantic relationships with other people. Historically, there has been very little research dedicated to understanding the asexual/aromantic community (also known as the ace/aro community), in large part because it undermines what many psychoanalysts have been telling us for so long: that sex is the most essential of human desires.”
5 People Describe Where They Are On The Ace/Aro Spectrum (Refinery 29)

“Wednesday’s episode opens with Rainbow catching her daughter Diane watching porn on her laptop. Rainbow freaks out and snatches Diane’s computer, scolding her “like a dog.” Not great. After a few moments of thought, though, Rainbow comes back to Diane (with a very frightened Andre in tow) and explains to her daughter that she did nothing wrong.”
The Amazing Way ‘Black-ish’ Explains Why Watching Porn Doesn’t Make You a Pervert (Teen Vogue)

“Last October, [Erika Lust] put an open call on her website: She was going to be taking €250,000 (about $272,000) of the budget of her porn operation XConfessions and funding 10 films by women filmmakers in 2017. The plan was simple: If you were a female filmmaker, porn or otherwise, and had an idea for an adult short film that women would like and didn’t succumb to the cliches of mainstream porn, Lust would finance and produce it. Within a few weeks she had nearly 100 applications (aspiring directors had to send her their vision and budget for the short films they wanted to make), and they came from everywhere: Spain, France, the US, India.”
Erika Lust: The Porn Director on a Mission to Get More Women Behind the Camera (Wired)

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“Zimbabwe’s Constitutional Court ruled in 2015 that the police could not arrest women for prostitution. At first, sex workers cheered. No more would they be dragged to police stations and shaken down for bribes to avoid six-month jail terms. It was a relief, too, for the many other women whom the cops used to arrest just for walking alone at night or drinking in a pub. Yet there was a catch.”
Decriminalising the sex trade in Zimbabwe (The Economist)

“I did it! In late 2015 I made a vow to be celibate for a year, taking the time to evaluate my emotional needs and expectations without sex clouding my judgment. … Despite the temptations, I have fulfilled this promise to myself — while learning a thing or two along the way.”
My year without sex (Washington Post)

“In the far reaches of the Las Vegas Convention Center’s South Hall, beyond booths full of off-brand robots, massage chairs, power strips and hoverboards (presumably not the exploding kind), is a row of conference rooms, marked only by white placards with red numerals signifying you’re in the right place. Just beyond the sign reading “S115″ is the first porn company to have an official presence at CES since the departure of the Adult Entertainment Expo in 1998.”
Porn is back at CES, but good luck finding it (Engadget)

“Right now the world seems to be fighting itself when it comes to sex: far too many people are holding onto old and, let’s be frank here, antiquated views. There’s a lot of fear out there, and with that fear comes hate. The solarpunk movement, though, offers hope that one day we’ll look at sex with our eyes wide open. ”
Can the Solarpunk Movement Give Us the Sexual Utopia We’ve Been Waiting For? (Future of Sex)

“This year, among other things, I perverted a soap dispenser into a lube dispenser, let other people control my vibrator over the internet, and played vaginal Chubby Bunny with tiny silicone dildos. I cycled through 12 different butt plugs in one day and upset some dignified ladies on the internet. I bought a color-changing dildo shaped like a corn on the cob then painstakingly photographed it in the snow. Why not.”
Epiphora’s best and worst sex toys of 2016 (Hey Epiphora)

“In Both Sides of a Breakup, the Cut talks to exes about how they got together and why they split up. David and Lana, both 45, both artists, tried an open marriage at Lana’s urging. It led to divorce. This is their story.”
Both Sides of a Breakup: Their Open Marriage Still Makes Him Want to Vomit (NY Mag)

“According to a note on the back cover of the 1960 book Transvestism Today: The Phenomenon of Men Who Dress Like Women, viewing the book was only for the eyes of those affiliated with the medical community, psychoanalysts or students currently pursuing degrees in “psychology or social studies.””
Vintage publications attempt to diagnose transvestism, masturbation & other sexual ‘deviations’ (Dangerous Minds)

“Ryan Reynolds has now hinted that he’d be happy to explore other sides of Wilson’s sexuality, telling Variety that he wouldn’t “rule out” a future boyfriend for the character. “What love is to Deadpool may not be what love is to Batman or someone else,” he explained. “I think that could be played up more. He’s an outsider in every way, shape, and form.””
Ryan Reynolds is open to exploring Deadpool’s pansexual identity in future films (NZ Herald News)


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