Sex News: Grindr serial killer, Tor confirms abuse, upskirts legal in Georgia, surprising sex offender data


  • “Ela Darling … prefers to eschew traditional food choices in favor of a glass of Soylent. Before she discovered Silicon Valley’s favorite meal replacement, Darling would prep for a scene with a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich and a green coffee drink from Starbucks; but “Soylent makes me feel a hell of a lot better and it doesn’t add all the carbs and calories.” Darling also notes that “[Soylent] makes me feel satiated but not full and just generally good””
    * What Porn Stars Eat for Breakfast (Extra Crispy)
  • Among The Tor Project’s priorities: Avoiding the word “rape” and giving the exclusive to the New York Times. Maybe now HN dudes and hacktivist douchebros will stop questioning the validity of our experiences, though I doubt it. Et tu, Wikileaks? Snowden? “The Tor Project, a nonprofit digital privacy group, announced on Wednesday that an internal investigation had confirmed allegations of sexual misconduct against a former employee [Jake -aka Jacob- Appelbaum] who was the public face of the organization.”
    * Tor Project Confirms Sexual Misconduct Claims Against Employee (NYT)
    * See also: Tor inquiry: “Many people” reported being “humiliated” by Appelbaum (Ars Technica)
    Update: Wikileaks has now disavowed Appelbaum, though only after publication of the NYT piece.
  • “Typical to our widening gulf between rich and poor though, the New York Post reports that a new out-of-town sex club is opening in NYC soon, and unlike the democratic sex clubs of the city we once knew, this one will cost you $10,000 at a minimum to get in. The Snctm Club (not using vowels is xtrmly xclsv) will be bringing its five-figure sex parties from California to the city in September of this year according to Page Six.”
    * Sex Club With $10,000 Entry Fee Coming To Manhattan In September (Gothamist)

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  • The Justice Department yesterday filed a brief with the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, seeking a rehearing over the recent appellate ruling involving 18 U.S.C. §§ 2257 and 2257A, the federal statutes that govern performer record-keeping for sexually explicit content.”
    * Justice Department Seeks Rehearing of 2257 Decision (XBIZ)
  • “Thanks to $85,000 in donations to the Parsemus Foundation, clinical trials for a new male contraceptive called Vasalgel may be on track to start later this year. The foundation has raised two-thirds of the funding needed to produce a batch of the gel for testing in humans.”
    * Reversible Male Contraceptive Vasalgel Raises $85K for Clinical Trials (Future of Sex)
  • Welcome to my world, one of constant discrimination and censorship, when I should be experiencing the same business opportunities as everyone else. Instead, we have to “sneak” … “But if the Passion Parties made it easy to talk to women directly, selling online made it harder. Klinger, like other sex toy manufacturers, couldn’t get the word out on Facebook and Instagram. They also can’t raise money on Kickstarter, and struggle to sell their product on Amazon, thanks to those sites’ rules about sexually explicit material.”
    * How Sex Toy Makers Sneak Around Digital Filters (Buzzfeed)
  • “What’s the most common age of sex-offenders? It’s not a trick question, but unless you follow this stuff closely you’ll almost certainly answer wrong. In fact, most people are shocked to learn that the most common age of people charged with a sex offense isn’t a creepy 39, or 51. It’s 14.”
    * Bogus ‘sex offender’ labels are ruining lives (NY Post)


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  • “I hacked Pornhub for a few hours in the evening after my day job as a consultant, where I do the same sort of thing for various other companies. I’ll sometimes work through the weekend or pull an all-nighter, too — it can be difficult to stop once you get unauthorized access to stuff that’s supposed to be private or secret.”
    * I Get Paid to Hack Pornhub (MEL Magazine)
  • “… now an Industrial Design lecturer from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Judith Glover, has launched the world’s first university course focusing exclusively on sex-toy design. Students in her class each have to undertake an individual project, choosing what area of the subject they want to focus on.”
    * Melbourne University Launches World’s First Sex-Toy Design Course (Future of Sex)
  • “You can libel a porn star with a photo, according to a federal appeals court, which has allowed a libel suit by internet pornography pioneer Danni Ashe to go forward. That decision in her case — against an online tabloid that published an article about another porn actress who tested HIV-positive and illustrated it with an unrelated photograph of Ashe — has important First Amendment implications.”
    * How to Libel a Porn Star (Bloomberg)

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