Sunday Sex Reads: Best of the Week

Naomi Kaji

Patrick Stewart plays TNG Fuck, Marry, Kill: “The kill would have to be Riker because he’s big and scary and very dominating,” says Stewart of his on-screen comrade. “For a wife I would choose Deanna, but just as a kind of one-night stand…I would choose Data because, well think about it. There was an episode where he had to present his sexual equipment for discussion,” says Stewart, who played Captain Picard on the long-running sci-fi series. “Brent Spiner, who is a wonderful actor and a very funny man, used to say, ‘he’s fully functional, in fact he has three speeds.'”
* Patrick Stewart reveals which ‘Star Trek’ characters he would ‘F–, Marry, Kill’ (Philly)

Superb post. “Come September, sex worker organizations are flooded with requests for interviews, observations, ride-alongs, quotations, and various other trips by academics and students to the Sex Worker Zoo. Sex worker organizations are universally understaffed and underfunded, and they have shit to do.”
* Why You Shouldn’t Study Sex Workers (Tits and Sass)

“I first met Baughman at the “sex offender brunch,” an event I attended at Skenazy’s invitation but never wrote about. Afterward, I spoke with Baughman regularly in my capacity as Slate’s criminal justice reporter. I found him to be a valuable resource. … About two months ago … there were allegations that Baughman had exchanged inappropriate text messages with a 16-year-old boy. On March 3, Baughman was ordered to hand over his cellphone and his laptop. A month later, a bench warrant was issued for his arrest. ”
* The Imperfect Victim (Slate)

sexy fireman

“When Prescott, Arizona-based photographer Chad Castigliano of Chronicker Photography and his friend Tim the firefighter set up a fun, sexy photo shoot to benefit his wife’s non-profit organization Books To The Rescue Yavapai County, he thought it might be cool to have, say, one thousand Facebook shares. … Since the first online publication of the calendar images, Castigliano’s Facebook page has been shut down twice due to “complaints against content.””
* Burly Arizona Fireman Stars in Sexy, Viral Photo Shoot (Feature Shoot)

“In March 2015 [Nikky] Prause founded the company Liberos LLC, which is the first in the world applying brain stimulation techniques to alter sexual function. She is currently researching sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, sexual problems in the brain, and porn addiction, among other conditions.”
* Sex, Porn & Neuroscience: Challenging Addiction (Prime Mind)

The patient is dead. He has, in fact, been so for a while – over 30 hours, according to his chart – but some of him survives. What the doctor has extracted is a liquid that can create life. An incredible substance that is neither person nor property; simultaneously so abundant yet valuable that we still haven’t quite figured out how to treat it. It is the dead man’s sperm.”
* What Happens To A Dead Man’s Sperm? (Digg)

“As it turns out, “food porn” isn’t just the hashtag you used the last time you Instagrammed your lunch — it’s a legitimate portal into sexual arousal. At least that’s what Pamela Madsen, a sexuality and pleasure educator, explained to me when I asked her about the relationship between these trendy food clips and sexual desire.”
* A Sex Expert Explains Why Decadent Food Videos Make You Horny (Vice)

* Two first-person essays from this week: Sex in Pakistan and sex in North Korea (Vice, Guardian)

“… This tendency towards buffness is a cultural phenomenon defined by author and journalist Mark Simpson as “spornosexuality.” The term, denoting men who strive to look like sportsmen or porn stars, marks the next stage in the evolution of the preening, mediated “metrosexual”. Simpson first began writing about “sporno” culture in 2006, noting the rise in hypersexualised, homoprovocative imagery of sportsmen …”
* The Rise And Rise Of The Spornosexual (Esquire)

“Late last year, California became the first state to require affirmative-consent [sex] education — education about consent that teaches “yes means yes” versus “no means no” — for public high schools that require a health class before graduation. … Still, a more vocal minority have pushed back against this latest push for comprehensive sex ed, shocked by the thought of exposing young children to the topic of sex, and convinced that teaching about sexual activity is the same as endorsing it.”
* Should Kids Start Learning About Sex and Consent in Kindergarten? (The Atlantic)

“The anti-LGBT, mostly anti-abortion, extremely fundamentalist, and anti-whore Salvation Army is at it again, equating sex work with poor parenting in an effort to boost its fundraising.”
* The Salvation Army Needs a New Marketing Firm (Tina Bring Me The Axe)


“I Modi or The Ways was a book of engravings depicting sixteen sexual positions. Think of it as The Joy of Sex for Renaissance times. The book, also known as The Sixteen Pleasures, was published by the engraver Marcantonio Raimondi in 1524. … It led to the first prosecution for pornography by the Catholic church. Raimondi was imprisoned by Pope Clement VII.”
* An 18th century guide to sex positions (Dangerous Minds)

Vice talked to “the only male, heterosexual professional dominatrix in Montreal” (but apparently he neglected to tell Vice that the correct word in this case is “dominant,” or dom. “After first discovering his taste for kink at the age of 12 in the pre-internet 1970s, Faction found kindred spirits through an ad in a swinger’s magazine. Guys would get in touch to trade porn tapes; women would write hoping to get a spanking. … For the past five years, Faction has offered what he calls “spanking therapy.” It’s a key difference between what guys seek out when hiring a dominatrix and what women are looking for.”
* What It’s Like Being a Professional Male Dom for Women (Vice)

Porn Life Drawing project is a London-based life drawing class that employs sex workers as models for students who not only want to perfect their sketching, but also capture a nuanced image of women working in the sex work industry. The classes involve both still poses and stripteases, some re-enactments of BDSM and other performances, all guided by a life drawing tutor. LZ was motivated to start the class in part by her desire to see sex work decriminalized in the U.K., and also by her past experience working as a nude model.”
* ‘Porn Life Drawing’ Wants To Change The Way You View Sex Work (Huffington Post)

Main post image: ‘Naomi sings’ by Oliver Lang / Model: Naomi Kaji (Sticks and Stones Agency)

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