Sunday Sex Reads: Best of the Week

Roxane - Unwerth

“Welcome to the world of session wrestling, where men pay women to grapple them. Also known as BDSM wrestling, it’s an incredibly niche fetish and the UK scene is fast gaining a reputation as leading world champion. The Submission Room is one of London’s leading mixed sessions agencies, boasting an impressive roster of 20 female wrestlers, including the brilliantly named Amethyst Hammerfist, the red-haired and flame-eyed Inferno, and Pussy Willow, whose boa constrictor legs I can still feel around my throat.”
* The Women Who Get Paid to Beat Up Men and Choke Them Senseless (Broadly/Vice)

“In 2013, Pasadena City College professor Hugo Schwyzer reigned as the internet-famous “porn professor.” … Then Schwyzer’s career went down in proverbial flames when it was revealed he was sleeping with female students and sexting porn stars; he had a meltdown via Twitter and ultimately resigned from his professorship, porn studies and the public eye.”
* Meet L.A.’s (New) Resident Porn Professor (LA Weekly)

“[Trans sex worker] Baroness Brittany Bendz, known as the “Darling of K Street,” opens up to Aurora Snow about the powerful men in D.C. she says she dominates — including bathroom bill-pushing GOP lawmakers.”
* Meet the Trans Escort Claiming to Service Anti-LGBT Republican Congressmen (Daily Beast)

“After a lengthy surgery performed by staff volunteering their time at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, [Thomas] Manning just became the first American to receive what appears to be a successful penis transplant. But according to Dr. Dicken Ko, one of the team leaders in Manning’s transplant, he and his colleagues will not be offering a similar procedure to transgender men just yet. So what’s stopping them?”
* Could Penis Transplants Change Everything for Transgender Men? (Fusion)

““Yes, I know about the female [exercise] instructors who seduce women away from their husbands,” a beautiful blonde socialite told me with an “everybody knows that” wave of her hand. A man who socialized and worked with a group of wealthy, married Hamptonites told me about two women, each married and avowedly heterosexual, each having a passionate affair with a woman—one with a woman who was her exercise coach.”
* Gay Until Labor Day: Stretching Female Sexuality in the Hamptons (Observer)

“With David Cameron at the head, the previous coalition government demonstrated a moralistic and arguably sexist attitude towards pornography with its surprise ban of the depiction of a number of sex acts in any material produced in the UK. Cameron also demonstrated a significant lack of understanding on how to regulate other digital technologies, evidenced by his preposterous comments on outlawing the use of encryption at the start of last year. Suffice to say, all signs point to a government that is spectacularly unqualified to pass legislation on an area at the intersection of the two.”
* No one can stop teenagers from watching porn – not even David Cameron (Independent UK)

Susannah Temko writes, “1 in 200 people, 0.5% of the world’s population. What springs to mind? That’s a greater number than the world’s Jewish population. That’s nearly as common as red hair or twins. Those numbers refer to a population of people known today under the umbrella term of intersex. I am one of them.”
* Things You Only Know If You Are Born Intersex (The Debrief)

“Recently, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) finally recognized the obvious: Transgender women are not men who have sex with men, also known as MSM. … So it begs the question: Why, then, is the CDC still lumping bisexual men into the category of men who have sex with men, when in fact they are men who have sex with men and women (MSMW)?”
* #HIVBI: Bisexual men have sex with women, too. CDC labels it MSM? ([imstilljosh])

“It’s not enough to say that disabled people are sexual. I don’t need to shock the uninitiated anymore. Disabled people are sexual. … Some of us are even gay (or queer, bi, lesbian, you name it)! We are not these things necessarily because of or in spite of our disabilities. But our disabilities have taught us a lot about how to have a body. And how to have a complicated body that wants complicated things. ”
* Disabled Sexuality: We’re Here, We’re Queer — And We’re Sexy! (Curve Magazine)

[Chuck] Tingle writes parodies of niche erotica: think sexual liaisons between humans and dinosaurs (an actual subgenre), muscly guys and unicorns, Leonardo Decaprico [SIC] and an Oscar. His bizarre tales of (always) gay sex has landed Tingle a legion of fans: they call themselves Buckaroos, someone built a Tingle Title Generator. But Tingle has suddenly reached wider recognition, through a surprising Hugo award nomination.”
* Dinosaur porn or Rabid Puppy pastiche? The strange story of Chuck Tingle (Guardian)

“When the tabloids chose to focus on a 19-year-old electing for a bilateral mastectomy, because they (the preferred pronoun) are non-binary transgender, the internet responded with predictable pearl-clutching and tired old tropes. Wannabe armchair psychiatrists were quick to denounce Opi Baron as “obviously mentally ill”, while the accusations that “being transgender is fashionable” still fly thick and fast (despite the first known British male-to-female transgender surgery being performed on an RAF pilot in the 1950s but, you know what they say, fashion comes back around).”
* I’m a little bit female and a little bit male. Finally, I fit in my skin (Guardian)

Warning for survivors of sexual assault, trauma, harassment, and abuse. “About six months later, Rafael Santeria doesn’t look much like an executioner or a slave driver. He looks more like someone who hasn’t had a good night’s sleep in a while. We’re sitting in the kitchen of VICE’s Berlin offices to talk—not about the questionable taste involved in using misogyny as a PR strategy to flog porn, but more about what happened after what he describes as his “obscurely successful celeb phase.”
* ‘I Disgusted Myself’: Germany’s Most Woman-Hating Porn Star Comes Clean (Broadly/Vice)

Main post image: Roxane Mesquida by Ellen von Unwerth on Instagram.

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