Sex News: BBC’s Versailles, Mormons on the anti-porn warpath


  • “When I arrived at the dusty backyard of the Craftsman Bar, i saw a pair of female porn stars wearing Samsung Gear VR headsets with “Naughty America VR” stickers covering the Samsung logos. They were surrounded by photographers and, as is often the case with VR, no one could see what they were experiencing, so the gaggle of photographers kept asking them to take off the headgear so they could simply photograph them.”
    Naughty America is betting big on VR porn at SXSW (Mashable)
  • Mormons are on the anti-porn warpath. “Jeffrey Holland, an apostle with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was the primary speaker at the Utah Coalition Against Pornography and asked the audience to be vigilant with their children. He compared porn to a disease, like the flue and cholera. He’s said he’s concerned that younger generations no longer view porn as a sin.”
    LDS apostle calls pornography a ‘disease’ at annual anti-porn conference (KUTV)

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  • “A panel of Idaho lawmakers has voted unanimously to repeal a state obscenity law following a lawsuit by a movie theater cited for serving alcohol while showing “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Village Cinema sued after authorities attempted to revoke the theater’s liquor license after police said a waitress at the theater served beer and rum to two undercover detectives watching the risque “Fifty Shades” in VIP seating.”
    Idaho obscenity law faces repeal after ‘Fifty Shades’ flap (Fox Idaho)
  • “[Last] week, to coincide with International Women’s Day, tube site YouPorn launched a “female director series”, asking female directors to share their work – for no remuneration but for mass exposure. … Offering female-friendly content may improve a corporation’s image, but a more meaningful step would be to focus on ethical labour practices in the porn industry. … On International Women’s Day, we don’t need token gestures that mask inequalities and offer no material benefits.”
    Women in the porn industry need rights and proper pay, not token gestures (The Conversation, thank you Ms. Naughty!)

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  1. Politicians. Hypocrites. Tory MPs should remember not to throw stones from their glass castle. How long ago was it we were told their leader spent time sticking his dick in a dead pig’s mouth? This has nothing to do with nudity and all to do with the Conservatives wanting to control the BBC.

    Versailles will be an excellently produced, wonderfully acted, beautifully adapted piece of period drama – something the BBC has historically done better than anyone else. And I have no doubt the nudity will be no more than was shown fifteen-odd years ago with their adaption of Fanny Hill.

    Sex and nudity. Why do these people see nature as an abomination? What would they rather? Extra footage from war zones showing innocent people being murdered? Blood, brains, guts and gore splashed across our screens?

    The bastards make me sick.

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