Sex News: Fappening guilty plea, hackers and sex workers, bisexual harm from “LGBT”

the pornography industry

  • Google is trying to help the world surf porn more safely. Actually, Google is trying to help the world surf everything more safely. It’s just that when it checked the security protocols of the 100 most-visited non-Google websites on the planet, a fair number with less-than-ideal protection turned out to be X-rated.”
    Google offers help for safer porn surfing, shopping (Silicon Beat)
  • The Fappening sees a guilty plea; phisherman gets fucked. “Remember “Celebgate,” when a hacker got into actresses’ iCloud accounts and grabbed their nude photos? The feds never forgot. And on Tuesday, the US Department of Justice said Ryan Collins, 36, has agreed to plead guilty to the 2014 hack.”
    Hacker who stole celebrities’ nude photos will plead guilty (CNET)
  • The Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit (sex, speech, freedom and human rights) is now offering an attendance scholarship for bloggers. Woodhull will be granting 10 $100 scholarships to bloggers attending the 2016 Sexual Freedom Summit. Along with the $100 stipend, those selected will also receive a discount on the cost of registration.
    Blogger Scholarship Form (Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit)

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  • “In her new book The Pornography Industry, out Mar. 29 by Oxford University Press, Shira Tarrant tries to examine the various contemporary debates about porn with a neutral eye. This is difficult to do, as she tells Quartz, research and debate concerning pornography is almost always “ideologically driven.” Anti-porn campaigners are committed to showing porn’s dangers. Porn’s defenders, including many pro-sex feminists, are often bent on refuting the anti-pornography activists.”
    The way to fix the world’s porn “problem”? Make more of it (Quartz)
  • “There are many, many hackers you might call black-hat and gray-hat, who not only have commonalities but are also supportive of sex worker causes, support people who speak out for justice and representation for sex workers, and feel very strongly about the injustices sex workers face. I know this because I see it—from personal connections to hacker conventions, from seeing sex workers warmly invited and included to attend hacker events as part of the community, and seeing female hackers not only be supportive of their presence but strike back at sex-negative feminists who claim their presence is somehow inappropriate.”
    The Unexpected Ties Between hackers and Sex Workers (PrimeMind)
  • “A few weeks ago, months after the marriage equality ruling, Alex Anders of the YouTube channel Bisexual Real Talk uploaded a video asking his fellow bisexuals to leave the LGBT community. He cited a 2015 study that implies the LGBT community might be doing more harm than good to the “B” part of the equation.”
    I’m bisexual and I refuse to leave the LGBT community (Mashable)

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  • Spoiler: Getting pregnant is considered the most critical risk for young women. “High school girls who use the most effective methods of birth control are less likely to also use condoms, making them vulnerable to sexually transmitted infections (STIs), researchers say. Girls who use intrauterine devices and implants to prevent pregnancies are less likely to use condoms than their peers taking birth control pills, they found.”
    Girls on most effective birth control may unwisely skip condoms (Reuters)
  • “After some astonishing courtroom antics … this week’s episode of The People v. O.J. Simpson ends in devastation after a topless photo of Sarah Paulson’s Marcia Clark is printed in The National Enquirer. Clark, publicly humiliated once more, dissolves into tears in the courtroom. It was a sharply-observed examination of sexism that happened to air on International Women’s Day. So did this all really happen to Clark? It all did and, in fact, it was even worse.”
    The Devastating Truth Behind Marcia Clark’s Leaked Topless Photos (Vanity Fair)

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