Sex News: Sex harassment in science, Asperger’s and Autism, fauxcest, Dallas bans Exxxotica

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  • “In the case of virtual reality game controller VirtuaDolls, an unexpected and high demand for the sex device forced its developer, William Spracklin of Eos Creative Group, to pause his Indiegogo campaign so he could regroup. VirtuaDolls is an interactive and artificial vagina. When coupled with the 3D-animated game Girls of Arcadia, the campaign page claims it will take immersion and adult gaming to a whole new level.”
    Crowdfunding for VR Sex Game Controller Relaunched After Overwhelming Demand (Future of Sex)
  • Highly recommended: The new, sprawling list of resources, books, articles and websites on sex, Asperger’s and autism (by superb sex ed author Paul Joannides)
    Sex, Asperger’s and Autism (Paul Joannides, Guide to Getting It On)
  • In a move that is likely to reignite the debate over internet censorship in the country, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PAT) has included many conventional and porn-free websites in a list of domains to be blocked as part of its drive against pornography. In January, the telecom sector’s regulatory body directed internet service providers (ISPs) across Pakistan to block “pornographic” websites and provided the latter with a list of 429,343 domains that needed to be blocked.
    Several porn-free sites show up on restricted list (Express Tribune PK)

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  • Although the most recent high-profile cases of sexual harassment in science have arisen in astronomy and biology, many researchers say paleoanthropology also has been rife with sexual misconduct for decades. Fieldwork, often in remote places, can throw senior male faculty and young female students together in situations where the rules about appropriate behavior can be stretched to the breaking point.
    The sexual misconduct case that has rocked anthropology (Science)
  • Utah State Senator Todd Weiler recently introduced a legislative resolution that would make Utah the first state to consider adult content a public health crisis. The proposal passed a health review committee Friday with no dissenting votes. It now heads to the Senate floor. Take Two spoke with the senator about his legislation. Licensed marriage and family therapist Marty Klein weighed in afterwards.
    Sen. Todd Weiler’s mission to make porn a public health crisis (SCPR)
  • The Dallas City Council voted Wednesday afternoon to ban Exxxotica from returning to the city-owned downtown convention center. And in return, the council will get just what it was warned was coming: a lawsuit. The Dallas Morning News reported that North Texas real estate mogul Ray Hunt emailed Dallas’ City Council asking them to stop a scheduled sex convention that is scheduled for August. It’s not that Hunt’s against freedom of speech, he said in the email, it’s that a city-owned property is no place for free speech or sexuality, Hunt wrote.
    City council votes to ban Exxxotica porn expo from Dallas convention center (Dallas Morning News)
  • A prominent and outspoken British member of a papal advisory commission on sexual abuse by the clergy on Saturday refused to step down. “For me, as a survivor, the commission is a disgrace,” Peter Saunders said. “They believe that child abuse is behind us, but it is in no way behind us … I made it clear that I would not be a member of a public relations exercise. The protection of our children is much more important than that.”
    Critic of Vatican refuses to step down from sex abuse commission (Reuters)

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  • “Sisqó wanted to see it all night long, Victoria’s Secret loves to sell it, and many of us have spent hours yanking on them. Yes, we’re talking about thong underwear. This seemingly modern marvel of minimalist undergarments has a history dating back to ancient times—when thongs were likely even less comfortable than they are these days.”
    Cracking Open the History of the Thong (Broadly/Vice)
  • Jeffrey Hurant, the former CEO of the gay escort website, pleaded not guilty this week to promoting prostitution and money laundering, but apparently he is trying to cut a deal with federal prosecutors. CEO Pleads Not Guilty (XBIZ)
  • Porn star Danica Dillon, who performed at Philadelphia’s Gold Club and reportedly went back to the Doubletree on Broad Street with religious reality TV star/sister molester/creepwad Josh Duggar, has dropped her rough sex lawsuit against him.
    Porn star drops suit against Josh Duggar over rough Philly tryst (

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  • Even as Hollywood remains a bastion of white male power, the adult film industry’s most honored director this year is a woman, Stormy Daniels. She won Best Picture and Best Director at the XBIZ Awards on January 15, as well as Best Drama at the AVN Awards on the 22nd, for her three-hour Western epic, Wanted, which she stars in and also wrote. Oh, and Daniels has already directed 70 films.
    The Female Porn Director Winning All the Awards (NY Mag)
  • Fauxcest, or fictional incest porn, has been one of the fastest growing X-rated genres in recent years. While a significant portion of the genre centers on coital relations between stepparents and stepchildren (or between stepsiblings), fauxcest can also feature two unrelated actors playing actual relatives.
    Why Do Millennials Love Faux-Incest Porn So Much? (Mic)
  • According to the company, iFriends launched its operations on Valentine’s Day in 1998, establishing itself as an early player in the burgeoning adult webcam industry. iFriends quickly became the template for adult webcam programs that followed, topping $100 million in payouts to its models and affiliates in just a few years.
    iFriends Celebrates 18 Years of Service (XBIZ)
  • “Ultimately I realized the issue wasn’t really the nature of the porn to which I was being exposed; the issue was the definition of “normal” I’d been carrying around in my brain. What I came to realize was the fundamental truth of the old cliché “different strokes for different folks” is just as obvious when it comes to porn as it is if we’re talking about authors, or food preference, or the merits of action movies as opposed to rom-com’s.”
    “Am I Normal?” What I’ve Learned From Making Porn For Women (Huffington Post)

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