Eye Candy: New treats, hot men, and taboo “Step Siblings Caught”


I recently made a few great discoveries, and I have treats and taboos for you below… First up is a new site from our friends at Nubile Porn, who are on the ethical porn list — and this time, they’re making porn of a very edgy taboo: StepSiblings Caught. It’s also a taboo that is an extremely popular topic right now in romance and erotica: The so-called “stepbrother” scenario. Interestingly, this (primarily female-authored) genre is selling extremely well, and to romance readers, a primarily female readership.

Like I say in my book Fetish Sex, an interest in seeing taboo or impossible sexual situations in no way indicates past, current, or future trauma or wrongdoing. These taboo fantasies are just that — fantasies, and there they will remain in the realm of imagination or in the safety of fantasy play with someone you absolutely trust. Just because we get turned on by a taboo idea or scenario, we do not wish it would really happen, on any level.

Megan Rain StepSiblings

Next we have Shhh, a porn site belonging on all ethical porn lists that caters to a female audience — which means the porn focuses on the female experience, and both performers (sometimes real-life couples) are seen in a whole, and wholly erotic, light.

sssh dinner

sssh sensual

I’m really excited about the next discovery: Wasteland is an ethical kink and BDSM porn site that is perfect for people who like a lot of things about Kink.com… but could do without some things about Kink.com — notably, without the extreme pain and degradation common to Kink scenarios. That said, this isn’t BDSM lite; it’s real play with real people, real orgasms, and explicit sex.

Wax Wasteland

Matrix Wasteland

A random hot find: Jasper Stone’s Bisexual Adventure (still in pre-order; I’ll keep an eye out for any online viewing options).

OMG: Watch this trailer, watch this trailer, watch the trailer for One Erection.

One Erection Banner

A few pretty quickies to finish the post:

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