Sex News: Neil deGrasse Tyson on space sex, #CondomEmoji campaign, scrotal beauty contest

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  • When does nudity on film become porn? It’s a blush-inducing question that has lacked a clear answer for a century now: On November 18th it will be 100 years since a naked woman first appeared on American screens, in the film “Inspiration”, but censors still grapple with the nuances, vague rules of thumb and subjectivity.
    A hundred years of over-baring censors (Economist)
  • “Our cultural shame and fear around sex permeate [social network] community standards and it shows. When a Facebook ad is denied for cleavage, which I’m told isn’t allowed even in an educational context – but bathing suit models are everywhere the eye can see, what kind of user experience is being cultivated?”
    The Morality Police on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram (
  • Two St. Lucian women went to court Thursday after they were caught hiding cocaine molded as sex toys in their vaginas at an airport in Guyana. Cosmetologist Chermisa Wheeler, 38, and babysitter Andree Willy, 43, were sentenced on drug trafficking charges incurred while trying to board a return flight to their native St. Lucia.
    Women arrested with coke sex toys in their vaginas (NY Daily News)

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  • Tantan, a Chinese clone of dating app Tinder, sends passwords, phone numbers, location data and more in plain text, Larry Salibra, founder and CEO of Pay4Bugs, a crowdsourced bug software testing program, has found.
    Tantan, the Tinder of China, Has a Basic Security Flaw (Motherboard)
  • Sky UK Ltd. has sent out letters to thousands of its broadband customers warning them that they could receive demand letters from Golden Eye International for porn downloaded through torrent sites. Golden Eye, the company that owns copyrights for Ben Dover Productions content, earlier this year won a court order that forced Sky to hand over customer data corresponding to IP addresses infringing on its poached content.
    Sky UK Warns Customers of Porn Piracy Demand Letters (XBIZ)
  • The first-ever pill designed to boost women’s libido has had an anticlimactic launch. According to a report from Bloomberg, there have been only 227 prescriptions for Addyi (pronounced “add-ee”) in its first two weeks on sale — a low figure compared to the more than half a million men who were prescribed Viagra during its first month on sale in 1998. However, this isn’t necessarily a straightforward reflection of demand, but also of the pill’s underwhelming performance.
    The sex drug for women that doesn’t really work, isn’t really selling (Verge)

condom emoji

  • Let’s talk about sex, baby — with a condom emoji, that is. That’s what condom maker Durex is pushing for, as it tries to convince the Unicode Consortium to include a safe-sex emoji on World AIDS Day on Dec. 1. The company launched a #CondomEmoji campaign across social media this week, asking people to support an emoji that makes it abundantly clear that people want safe sex.
    Durex wants the makers of emoji to add a condom to promote safe sex (Daily Dot)
  • An arbitration panel, 2-1, recently denied cybersquatting claims against the operator of two domains that incorporate “porntube” within its website names. The decision made by ADR Forum neutrals is significant because Tenza Trading Ltd., which operates among many other web properties, owns a U.S. trademark for the mark “porntube” for adult entertainment services and has used it commercially since 2005.
    Arbitrators Deny Cybersquatting Claims Involving ‘Porntube’ Mark (XBIZ)

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  • Disgraced reality star Josh Duggar was hit by a lawsuit on Wednesday from porn star Danica Dillon, who claims Duggar assaulted her while they were having sex earlier this year. Dillon is suing the former “19 Kids and Counting” star for $500,000 in damages, alleging he “manhandled” her and caused her “physical and emotional injuries” during their March hook-up, according to court documents obtained by TMZ.
    Josh Duggar sued by porn star (NY Daily News)
  • What Is Pornstep?! That’s right, who needs wobbly bass and shitty bros when you can have bukkake splurts and blowjob pops? Take one part MRI machine, two parts soundsystem dub and three parts moan samples, and you got the hottest new genre to turn up to this weekend in the club.
    What Is Pornstep?! (Papermag)

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