Sex News: Men faking it, Renaissance Faire kink, zero-gravity blood flow issues

Seven skilled authors merge sci-fi and sex: Wetware: Cyberpunk Erotica (ebook, $3.89)

Above: Kamasutra – Durex Real Love via creative advertising showcase The Next Gag.

  • Mr. Pam has been filming and directing gay male porn for over a decade. Here, she talks about HIV, condom use in porn, and the trend of straight women watching and loving gay male porn. “As far as trends, I’ve actually seen an explosion [of straight women watching gay porn] this year. They’re coming to the parties and stuff. … The performers love that women are supporting them and buying their products.”
    What It’s Like to Be a [female] Gay Porn Director (Cosmopolitan)
  • Erika Lust has been creating content about female desire since 2005 — movies like Barcelona Sex Project; books like Good Porn: A Woman’s Guide; and now her site, which offers short films and written stories based on viewer-submitted fantasies (and where she uses a 90% female production crew). Here, she talks about a being a feminist in porn.
    I’m a Feminist Pornographer (Marie Claire)

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  • “It’s become a part of my life,” admits Liu Qian on the topic of online dating. Over the last decade, her computer and smartphone have helped her to meet a multitude of suitors and lovers. “Your family may have some rules for you, but when you are not home, things are different,” she says. “For example, one-night stands: they’re really common. Almost everyone I know has had that experience.” Liu is riding a wave that is sweeping away centuries of Chinese social [and sexual] tradition.
    China’s sexual revolution: traditions die as love goes digital (Toronto Star)
  • Three members of a reported “master-slave” sex cult were convicted Wednesday of murdering a young Marine wife from Fallbrook. Former Marine Staff Sgt. Louis Perez, 49, Dorothy Grace Maraglino, 40, and Jessica Lynn Lopez, 28, were convicted of torturing and murdering Brittany Killgore, 22.
    Three sex-cult members are convicted of murdering Marine wife (LA Times)
  • A new study just published in the Journal of Sex Research reveals that [male] genital responses can indeed be faked in lab studies, which suggests that these measures may not always be as reliable as you think. However, these scientists also discovered a novel way of potentially catching fakers: recording their eye movements while they view sexual stimuli.
    Can Men Fake Their Genital Responses In Sex Studies? Yes, But Their Eyes Reveal The Truth (Lehmiller)

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  • Weird animal sex and fetishes are just some of the topics of this year’s Dunedin ScienceTeller, a biennial festival celebrating science communication and storytelling. This year’s topic is sex and science and will be headlined by noted American sex columnist, Dan Savage, who will give the keynote address on Friday, October 30. See also: my book Fetish Sex, the only one of its kind.
    Why are some people kinky? (Stuff NZ)
  • One of America’s favorite family summer traditions is home to a simmering sexual subculture, where lovers of kink and BDSM gather among families and fairgoers. The Renaissance Faire — family friendly, olde-worlde theme parks marketed with the tagline “Where Fantasy Rules” — is a veritable Disneyland for kinksters.
    The Secret Sexual World Of America’s Renaissance Faires (Voactiv)
  • Note: this article only defines sex as male-female, penis-vagina penetrative sex, and dances around the very interesting mechanics of blood flow and erectile tissue in zero gravity, which is a bummer. NASA doesn’t prohibit its astronauts from engaging in sexual activity. The agency doesn’t even enforce a “no fraternization” policy. Is this because our space agency is sexually liberated? Not really. It’s because in zero gravity, sex is nigh impossible. … The biggest challenge for male astronauts is maintaining constant blood flow, a tricky matter when immersed in a zero-gravity environment.
    The Science Fictional History of Zero Gravity Sex (Inverse)

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  • Antigone Davis, Facebook’s head of global safety, said on Tuesday the company is focused on targeting the people who post intimate or nude images of others online without their consent. But she hesitated to say whether the company would back legislation that holds technology companies liable if they do not promptly remove the images when asked.
    Facebook silent on federal revenge porn bill amid delays (The Hill)
  • The [sperm bank] researcher explained that the selection process went beyond visual cues. “Before, most of [our DVDs] had featured Caucasian individuals engaged in straight sex, so it was not much diversity. We wanted to get variety: Caucasians, African-Americans, Asians… by giving out multiple pornos with characters from different racial categories, we’re able to give [our patients] what they want to see,” he said.”
    This Is the Porn You Get at a Sperm Bank (Vice)

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  • Cal/OSHA’s Standards Board released a slightly modified version of the proposed Section 5193.1, which would mandate barrier protection, including condoms, to shield [porn] performers from contact with bloodborne pathogens, or other potentially infectious material during the production of films. “Unfortunately, the Standard’s Board disregarded testimony from top medical professionals, AIDS organizations, adult performers and experts from the industry in order to support the misguided moral crusade of one special interest,” said Duke, referring to the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.
    Cal/OSHA Keeps Proposed New Bloodborne Pathogens Law Intact (XBIZ)
  • Note: the knee-jerk hysteria about alleged dangers of this pill is kind of amazing; it’s not anywhere near as dangerous as Viagra. Which also works on women. Controversial female sexual dysfunction drug Addyi became available on Saturday … “The little pink pill” became the first-ever drug for treating low sexual desire in women that’s not explained by a medical or mental-health condition or prescription meds.
    ‘Female Viagra’ Is Here, But Don’t Go Running to Your Doctor (NY Mag)

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