Sex News: Coffee enema deaths, AHF targets, help Christy Mack

  • Longread: Pygmalion’s true modern heir might be Davecat, a man who lives in southeastern Michigan with three high-end sex dolls. His first purchase, which he named Sidore Kuroneko, he considers his wife; the other two—named Elena and Muriel—are just intimate friends. (VB note: I consider Sidore and Dave my friends. I profiled Davecat and iDollators in this two-part series in 2007.)
    A (Straight, Male) History of Sex Dolls (The Atlantic)
  • Single elderly men may be the most immature population on the planet. I’ve heard them say the kinds of things that in a football locker room might be considered “going too far.” I’ve been to a strip club with old men. Strippers always think it’s great when a cute old man comes to a strip club. But that’s only until the cute old man begins to flagrantly ignore the club’s “no hands” policy.
    The Twilight Zone: The Sexual Politics of a Retirement Community (Nerve)

  • In Jedediah Johnson’s photo series The Makeout Project, he deconstructs the kiss into the essentials of the act itself — adding, of course, red lipstick, willing participants, and a camera.
    Kissing for Art’s Sake (Hyperallergic)
  • The number of permits issued for X-rated productions in Los Angeles plummeted about 90% to just 40 permits last year compared with 2012, according to data from FilmL.A. Inc., the nonprofit group that handles film permits for the city and county. Only 20 permits have been issued so far this year. (VB note: Meaning, they’re just filming without permits, which was a troubling predicted outcome from the condom legislation campaign.)
    On Location Porn production plummets in Los Angeles (LA Times)

  • Incredible post. Peter Acworth writes, “A year ago, I was charged for possession of a gram of cocaine, which was found when police responded to reports of alleged gun use at the San Francisco Armory, home of the adult production studio, I had a great lawyer and the charges were eventually dropped. But how would I have fared if I had not had the money, or a different skin color? Unfortunately, I think I know the answer because I witnessed it.”
    A Strike for Justice (Peter Acworth, also: CEO Peter Acworth Admits He Skirted Cocaine Charge Because He’s Rich and White)
  • VICE op-ed: “While I have no special love for the LA economy, the troubling manner of Measure B’s passage and impact is something I hope to not see repeated. The public’s misguided concerns about safety won the day, while the performers’ own expressed concerns were ignored.”
    Mandating Condom Use in Porn Is Wrongheaded and Stupid (VICE)

  • Sex worker Lily tells The Economist why criminalising prostitution is bad for her and her industry.
    A job like any other (Economist)
  • Beginning as a scientific discipline in the classical Greek period, there are currently over 20 schools and institutes that provide higher education for those wishing to start a career doing clinical, survey, observational, or experimental sex research. (VB note: wait — people make money doing this now?!)
    Meet the Modern-Day Masters of Sex (Nerve)
  • Now specialist websites and apps are allowing information to flow between buyer and seller, making it easier to strike mutually satisfactory deals. The sex trade is becoming easier to enter and safer to work in.
    More bang for your buck (Economist)

  • When a 3D printer begins making an object, it does so layer by layer. Over time, the layers build up to make the proper form of whatever it is you’re printing. But 3D-printed sex toys are particularly dangerous for two reasons: The surface is too rough for immediate use, and microscopic gaps in the toy that are almost impossible to disinfect can store bodily fluid and bacteria.
    Your 3D-Printed Sex Toy Is Growing Bacteria (Mashable)
  • Three months ago, they left the Everglades and their extended family because they have a 10-year-old daughter who was born a boy. And they were convinced that Portland was the best place to raise her.
    Transgender At 10 (Willamette Week)
  • Wannabe male adult stars can get a crash course on breaking into the business thanks to a new course being offered by a Canadian porn production company. For $149, would-be studs can enroll in Pegas Productions’ intensive one-day training course that’s being billed as the first of its kind in the industry.
    Canadian Studio Offering Course for Wannabe Porn Studs (XBIZ)
  • A health textbook that talks about masturbation, foreplay and erotic touch, among other sexual education topics, will stay even though some parents are objecting to it on the grounds it’s inappropriate for their ninth grade children.
    Too much sex in sex education book, Fremont parents say (San Jose Mercury News, thanks everyone who sent this in!)
  • For those who think that trans-hurting jerks who use “family values” to discount transgender children only exist in the US… A recent New Zealand study revealed trans kid statistics and offered positive advice for schools, only to be met by repulsive articles (filed under ‘national news’) such as this.
    Transgender changes in schools would increase confusion – Family First

Trigger warning section below

  • It is my understanding that the perpetrator is still at large with a reward on his head. Christy Mack, model, pornstar and sweetheart, loved by many, was viciously and brutally attacked and beaten by ex-boyfriend Jon Koppenhaver (aka MMA fighter “War Machine”) in Las Vegas on Friday August 8. It’s a miracle she was able to escape with her life.
    Christy Mack’s Medical Expense Fund (Give Forward)
  • “Before we can hope to understand the curious connection between the hellish expunging of our intestinal contents and the type of person that we’re in turn most likely to marry—or simply to screw—it’s necessary to first step back to look at the wider framework in which the study’s main hypothesis was based.”
    This Queasy Love: How Having Frequent Diarrhea as a Child Shapes Your Adult Mate Choice (Scientific American)

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