Sex News: Bodies in suitcases, Tinder, polyamory, Kink statement on arrests

Above: Amber Heard by Steven Klein | W Magazine

  • Look up the code F66.0 in the International Classification of Diseases (ICD), the world’s most widely used diagnostic reference, and you’ll find sexual maturation disorder. That seemingly official psychological condition occurs when uncertainty about sexual orientation makes a person depressed or anxious, according to the ICD.
    No scientific basis for gay-specific mental disorders, WHO panel concludes (Science)
  • This article is intense, and the Tinder guys are really fucked up — oh, and like Snapchat, their startup myth is all lies. Wolfe says in her suit: “Although it is tempting to describe the conduct of Tinder’s senior executives as ‘frat-like,’ it was in fact much worse — representing the worst of the misogynist, alpha-male stereotype too often associated with technology startups.”
    The Truth About Tinder and Women Is Even Worse Than You Think (Bloomberg)
  • At least 3,000 porn websites around the world feature the revenge porn genre, and the number is rising, says John Di Giacomo of Revision Legal, a Michigan-based law firm. Women’s charities in Britain and America say more victims are contacting them for help all the time. (Men are occasionally targeted, too.) In Japan the number of cases reported to police more than tripled, to 27,334, between 2008 and 2012.
    Misery merchants (The Economist)
  • CNBC reports that Google is now banning porn businesses from utilizing their ad network. The truth is, the policy of not allowing adult ads in the Google ad network was announced in March.
    Google AdWords Begins Enforcing Porn Ads Rules (Search Engine Land)
  • “Join sex, relationship and business geek, Reid Mihalko of for an informative and humorous evening where he’ll show you three crushing mistakes most sex educators are making that leave them frustrated, burnout and broke, and the successful business models and practices that will help you turn your calling into a life-long, successful career.”
    SFSI Seminars: The Business Side of Sex Ed: How To Make a Living As a Sex-Positive Professional (Brown Paper Tickets)

  • I, along with 200-plus others, have decided to spend my weekend learning about consensual non-monogamy or love with multiple partners. In other words, polyamory. This is one of a handful of conferences and retreats organized each year by Loving More, a nonprofit that’s been promoting “openly and deeply loving more than one person at a time” for over 27 years.
    A Surprising Weekend Inside the Touchy-Feely World of Polyamory (Nerve)

  • When my boyfriend and I were looking at our first apartment together last year, the number-one thing we decided we needed in order to get along was… separate bedrooms. We’re not the only ones. Arianne Cohen recently proclaimed that sleeping in her “woman cave” (a.k.a. guest room) helped save her marriage…
    The Beauty Of Not Sleeping Together (Refinery 29)
  • Kink CEO Peter Acworth has released a video statement giving his side of the events surrounding the protest of a prison theme of a gay circuit party, and expressing regrets that anyone had to be arrested. He makes clear that Kink is not looking to press any charges against anyone. But in the video, it is clear that some protesters were more in search of a fight than others.
    Video Released From Saturday Armory Protest;’s Peter Acworth Responds (SFist)
  • This letter is fantastic. “It’s my understanding that the FBI considers all speech activities on the domain ‘unprotected speech’. I hereby state for the record, that I was a MyRedBook VIP member, and enjoyed the use of those “private and public forums” for the purposes of speech which had heightened expectations of privacy as characterized by anonymous, password protected speech on the Internet.”
    MyRedBookVIP: The Letter (MyRedBookVIP)
  • The FBI seizures of and could put more than 10,000 sex workers who relied on the sites in financial turbulence, says a leading authority on erotic service providers. Maxine Doogan, who leads the nonprofit ESPLER — known formally as the Erotic Service Provider Legal, Educational and Research Project — said that MyRedBook, in particular, had more than 40,000 listings for erotic services when it was seized by the FBI and IRS.
    MyRedBook Closure Said to Affect More Than 10,000 Sex Workers (XBIZ)

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