Sex News: Pornhub challenge winner, Titcoin, Morality in Media thanks Google

  • On Friday afternoon, a young American in Tübingen had to be rescued by 22 firefighters after getting trapped inside a giant sculpture of a vagina. The Chacán-Pi (Making Love) artwork by the Peruvian artist Fernando de la Jara has been outside Tübingen University’s institute for microbiology and virology since 2001. Police confirmed that the firefighters turned midwives delivered the student “by hand and without the application of tools”.
    US student is rescued from giant vagina sculpture in Germany (Guardian UK)

  • According to Morality In Media’s latest victory announcement, adult marketers may be facing further restrictions on advertising via search giant Google’s AdWords and Image Search programs. Following its pronouncement of “a major win” against Verizon last week, “this win is better than we knew at first,” Dawn Hawkins, Executive Director of Morality In Media (MIM) and, told supporters. In appreciation of Google’s submission to its demands for censorship, MIM is encouraging supporters to sign a virtual “thank you” card.
    Porn Under Attack: Google Tightens Content Restrictions (XBIZ)
  • The outraged response to Towie stars revealing all shows how conditioned we are to think of male nudity as sordid and unsexy. “When we’re surrounded by media reinforcing the ridicule of men, it’s hard to see them as people who are equally alluring and desirable.”
    Are men’s naked bodies the stuff of nightmares? I think not (Guardian UK)

  • The California State Auditor blasted federal and state oversight of sterilization surgeries for female prison inmates, finding numerous illegal surgeries and violations of the state’s informed consent law. Of the 144 inmates who underwent tubal ligations from fiscal years 2005-06 to 2012-13, auditors found nearly one-third were performed without lawful consent.
    California female inmates sterilized illegally (Desert Sun)
  • The wording from both the artist and the author of this piece – specifically the “iceberg” analogy, and descriptions in the listicle – are “amazingly” similar to much of the wording I chose and descriptions I wrote in my book on cunnilingus. How annoying.
    14 Crazy Amazing Facts About The Clitoris (Psychology Today)

  • Although a number of industry companies have already adopted Bitcoin as a means to pay for online porn, Titcoin claims to be the first digital currency aimed squarely at the porn industry. Ceated by Edward Mansfield, Richard Allen, and a third anonymous founder, the payment method recently created a buzz on a bogus YouTube introduction video.
    ‘Titcoin’ Aiming to Be Adult’s Own Cryptocurrency (XBIZ)
  • This article is confused. “Business models old and new are responding to demand for one-night stands as well as soul mates. The competition between dating apps has been called an “arms race”, with one startup flying in single women from New York to meet potential partners. Sex workers, meanwhile, are charging thousands of dollars per night.”
    Sex and Silicon Valley: the veritable arms race of the dating app industry (Guardian UK)
  • Having promised an eight hour sex marathon if Chile defeated Australia (which she extended to 12 hours), porn star Marlen Doll went one better and offered a 16 hour event if her home nation beat Spain. Miss Doll later announced she’d spend 24 hours with a host of strangers if Chile beats Holland.
    Porn Star Marlen Doll Promises 24 Hour Sex Marathon if Chile Beat Holland (Caught Offside)

  • Starz has given the greenlight to Steven Soderbergh’s 13-part anthology series inspired by the 2009 film of the selfsame title starring Sasha Grey, “The Girlfriend Experience.” The series will explore the relationships of exclusive sex workers who provide their clients with far more than sex.
    Starz Greenlights ‘Girlfriend Experience’ TV Series (XBIZ)

  • What could be hotter than a robot who can seduce and murder you with ease?
    Bionic is a great example of what happens when a sexbot becomes murderous. But she isn’t the only one. Here are seven of the sexiest killer robots…
    7 Killer Sex Robots (Future of Sex)

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