Sex News: Author Sasha Grey, Masters of Sex comes early, X-Art sanctioned, LELO’s legal trouble

  • New study shows that after viewing porn, people who are assholes behave more sexist. Media outlets are picking this one up as “porn makes men sexist” – but the study clearly states that the people who behaved more sexist after watching porn were already unpleasant and had disagreeable personalities to begin with. Viewing porn didn’t actually “make” anyone sexist. Earlier this year, the same group of researchers found that porn may not influence teenagers’ sexual behavior as much as often thought.
    Watching porn makes men [and women] sexist (

  • Wikipedia has reportedly abandoned efforts to implement a filter to remove explicit images from its user-generated online encyclopedia after board members could not agree on a feasible method to do so. The Wikipedia Foundation attempted to clean up “questionable” photos and videos from its site after FoxNews published an exposé concerning the offending material, FoxNews said in a recent article.
    Wikipedia Gives Porn a Break (XBIZ)
  • Porn company Shane’s World started an Offbeatr campaign and is telling press that it is the first adult film studio to attempt to fully crowdfund porn (we all know it is not – but HuffPo bought it). The company is raising money from fans for its series “Shane’s World 43.” Contributors will get to choose the show’s location, stars and stars’ activities, and a few will travel with the crew to wherever filming will take place. Other contributors win sex toys, porn star phone calls and custom-made sex videos.
    Crowdfunded Porn Reality Show Will Let Contributors Dictate The Show (HuffPo)
  • More than 2 million people in the U.S. are sickened by antibiotic-resistant germs each year, and at least 23,000 die, according to the first report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to rank the threats. Three bacteria, including drug-resistant gonorrhea, are classified as urgent threats with the potential to become widespread.
    Gonorrhea Among Drug-Resisting Germs Sickening Millions (Bloomberg Businessweek)
  • This is a lot of fun. Interviewee: Pauline, 98, retired mother of two. Divorced. Lives in Florida; grew up in New York. Married in 1923, 1941, and 1959.
    Sex Advice from a 98-Year-Old Woman (Esquire)

  • In an era when many Playboy readers have grown up viewing online pornography and a monthly title featuring narrow stereotypes of softcore pinups is irrelevant as fuck, the men’s lifestyle magazine is in the midst of an editorial reboot – of sorts. As Playboy approaches its 60th anniversary, the magazine faces decades of ebbing influence, declining circulation (from a 1972 peak of more than 7 million issues distributed monthly to 1.25 million today) and, worse still, a lowering in August by Standard & Poor’s of Playboy Enterprises Inc.’s corporate credit rating from a B-minus to CCC-plus.
    To Playboy magazine, sophistication is the new sexy (LA Times)
  • Alpha Media Group, parent of Maxim, has sold the brand to Darden Media Group (owned by former UPS executive turned property developer Calvin Darden Sr). The sale includes the magazine and its 15 international editions sold in 34 countries, all Maxim events and digital assets. Maxim was taken over by creditors after a $250 million buyout; financial terms of the Darden deal weren’t disclosed.
    Maxim Sold to Darden Media Group (FishbowlNY)

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  • Hug

    I am pretty sure that the 98-year-old was first married in 1933 not 1923.

  • Aaron

    Thank you for the round-up, as always! I was wondering if you had a link to the study the “Watching porn makes men [and women] sexist” article misrepresents. I’m not quite sure where to search for peer-reviewed research on this subject myself, so if you do, would you be willing to post the link in an addendum? Thank you!

  • Justin

    I’m actually sad about the Maxim news, the US version was Very informative. The writers were all consistently sex-positive, the How To booklets they sold were written by women and were consistently rated as excellent advice by the women I showed them to. Some went so far as to get annoyed with the female author for spilling secrets they didn’t want guys to know, giving us too much power over women.

    I came back to Australia in 2001, picked one up, and was Really shocked to find some vile and disgusting anti-woman and anti-sex articles. Upon digging, I found it we can Only get the UK version in Australia. I talked to the newsagent, and she said they’re not allowed to import the US one. A pity, that mag was fun on average, and Really insightful and informative when it was on fire.