Penelope Cruz writes and directs Agent Provocateur video, L’Agent

The newest Agent Provocateur video launches its first spinoff label for an Autumn/Winter 2013 campaign, designed by Penélope and Mónica Cruz; the L’ Agent video was written and directed by Penelope Cruz. It’s actually her directorial debut, and it stars Irina Shayk and Javier Bardem. The L’Agent website has more, including a behind the scenes video, the collection – and we can now order the yummy new affordable (!) pieces.

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  • transpanik

    See, when I saw the name Penelope Cruz, I couldn’t click play fast enough.

    Can she write and direct my life?

  • I admit, when I saw the name ‘Penelope Cruz’ I was suspicious. Almost defensive in that a mainstream Hollywood actress was dipping her toes into the world of erotica. I think I may have found a whole new respect for her. This was a thoughtful, well done little story, and she did a phenomenal job. Thanks For pointing this little gem out!