Very naughty Mass Effect latex fetish cosplay costumes

First, if you’re going to rush to try and order the Mass Effect EDI latex costume from Anatomic Latex, you better cool your jets: they’re currently backordered. In the meantime, ogle the superhot collection of Mass Effect latex this clever company has designed, and just imagine how delicious their Mass Effect collection would look – and feel – in the flesh. Most of the Mass Effect line appear to have a zip-open crotch option. Just curious: that a cheat in Mass Effect?

The Mass Effect: Kasumi latex glows. Here’s the Mass Effect: Miranda Lawson latex outfit:

Mass Effect: Asari’s latex:

Anatomic Latex is cornering several wonderful fetishes at once, and their range is kind of the ultimate erotic cosplay rubber fetish one-stop shop. Some of their designs are just pretty – albeit in a dystopian way. I mean, who doesn’t want a second-skin latex biohazard suit with a zip-open crotch? (Actually, I do. Judge at your own peril.)

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