Tony Kelly for GQ Turkey

I’m a big fan of Tony Kelly’s outrageous work and I just found his spread from GQ Turkey, issue March 2013 – don’t miss the entire set here.

Tony Kelly’s gallery gives us a taste of what GQ is like in a country whose anti-fascist protests have brought global scrutiny on its excessive use of force on protesters, has dubbed the ongoing protests the “Turkish Spring” and is probably about to get a whole lot worse. I didn’t expect GQ in Turkey (99.8% Muslim) to be far pornier and pro-nipple than its sadly tame, prudish-by-comparison American counterpart…

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  • Abraham

    I never thought that a country that vehemently states that dinosaurs walked along with humans could have a liberal blogger, and there you are!

    You have to take in account that about half of turkey population is quite progressive and liberal (called themselves the “white turks”), nevermind their religion. Unfortunately the tide is turning and the “black turks” (the conservative, pro-religious population) are now in power. The turkish revolt is a sign that this change is not well received by everyone.

    You know, try to imagine if your country, after several years of quite liberal regulations (for example, legal abortion was regulated in 1983), suddenly decided to take a swerve to the religious radicalism, and started to undo more than 40 years of changes…