Eye Candy: say hello to Gentleman Handling

Here’s an intro to one of my new handpicked porn partners, Australian Gentleman Handling. This new porn paysite is basically really beautiful porn based on the erotic male form, representing all orientations. It’s exactly the site for those of us who have longed for a boy version of indie, beautiful female masturbation site I Feel Myself – and this comparison is spot-on, as Gentleman Handling is from the women at Sensate Films, who create the site with the same women who run IFM.

Gentleman Handling is, in fact, made entirely by women. Here’s lucky, lucky pal mistress and maker Ms. Gala Vanting at work creating content for the site.

Yummy stuff. Here’s their forum, their blog and their brand new Twitter account. I’ll be adding it into the Eye Candy rotation as I get the occasional promo set from my friends there :D

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  1. Oh my god yes! Beautiful men touching themselves? Joy! Sensate are amazing- can’t wait to see what was screened at the Berlin Film Festival.

    ps that Silver_T contribution has everything to love on the internet, Silver’s a total lady boner.

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