[Video] Chantal Thomass Autumn/Winter by Ellen von Unwerth

A little bit Boardwalk Empire, a heavy helping of new lingerie by Chantal Thomass, a dash of neo-Victoriana… and a lot of the amazing Ellen von Unwerth makes this video irresistibly sexy. Just found it on Unwerth’s Vimeo channel, and its page is at Chantal Thomass A/W 2012 by Ellen von Unwerth.

I want to live every day like this video. Can I?

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  • Popzealot

    one word: FUN!

    On the down side, I’m not sure how I feel about that delightfully naughty lil’ burlesque meme/scene going commercial. We had a good run…. 10 years or so of underworld niche status without becoming the trite subculture.