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  • UK ISPs have come out against default internet filtering of adult content, telling a government consultation that proposals to block content are neither necessary nor effective.
    UK ISPs dismiss calls for default porn blocks (PC Pro)
  • Trichomoniasis is a common STD caused by the parasite Trichomoniasis and can go unnoticed in the male body; research has found a correlation between having it and developing prostate cancer.
    The STD That Can Lead to Prostate Cancer (Men’s Health News)
  • I want to tell you what Vivid’s iOS app is about, but reading Fox News explain web apps and capitalize “Web” and use it in place of the word ‘internet’ is just too distracting.
    Vivid’s porn app puts the ‘O’ in iPhone (Fox News)
  • Indeed: Bacchus writes, “This Huffington Post interview with Peter Acworth, founder of (which HuffPo describes as “the largest fetish porn production company in the world”), is more fascinating to me because of what Peter does not say about his business”
    A (Silent) View On The Future Of Porn (ErosBlog: The Sex Blog)
  • In an excellent neuroscience-view takedown of Naomi Wolf’s assertions about dopamine and female desire (and sexual dysfunction), The Neurocritic gives a succinct scientific take on what women “need” sexually – and why studies on rats just don’t cut it.
    Of Mice and Women: Animal Models of Desire, Dread, and Despair (The Neurocritic)
  • In case you missed the ::headdesk of the week in sex: “In my high-school health class they taught us that women pee through the clitoris.”
    26 Ridiculous Sex-Ed Fails (Buzzfeed)

Image: Tanya Dakin.

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