Sex News: Dong Draper, Kiss of the Damned, New Yorker nip privilege, Google unbans bisexuals

Gore warning on the above trailer for Kiss of the Damned.

  • JWZ provides a concise summary of The New Yorker’s *temporary* Facebook ban for showing illustrated nipples in a cartoon. I’m sorry, but – unlike the rest of us (April Flores, Ducky Doolittle, etc.) The New Yorker’s account was quickly reinstated so it will soon forget what it’s like for the rest of us internet denizens to face senseless, indefinite, art-smothering banhammers over an artful dot. :P
    Nipplegate (jwz)
  • File under relevant to my interests: Noomi Rapace and Rachel McAdams in a sex obsession flick, coming soon. This review of Brian DePalma’s Passion is actually trying so hard to be *something writerly* that it’s pretty much incomprehensible, but… Decide for yourself.
    Toronto International Film Festival 2012: Passion The House Next Door (Slant Magazine)
  • Tickets just went on sale: On Thursday September 27, the legendary Kinsey Institute is hosting a dinner and panel discussion with people from The Kinsey Institute, Foundation for Sex Positive Culture, Pride Foundation, and Tor Project.
    The Kinsey Institute – Sexuality 2012 (Kinsey Institute)

  • So valuable – Dr. Charlie Glickman writes, “I’m writing this specifically for the men who want to flirt with women, whether the hope is for a one-night stand, a relationship, a conversation, a date, or simply to pass the time. What happens when the intention is to harass, stalk, annoy, or get any other reaction from women is a different thing. But right there, that is the root of the problem. A lot of the time, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to tell the difference. That sucks for the guys who genuinely want to connect with someone. (…)”
    Something I Want Men To Know Before Flirting With Women (Charlie Glickman)
  • File under walk a mile, doc. According to new research, “A majority of sexual assault victims experience severe pain in the early aftermath of the crime but less than a third of these victims receive pain medications.”
    Severe pain in sexual assault survivors often not treated (Science Daily)

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