Sex News: Sandra Fluke, YouPorn vs. cyberlockers, Game of Thrones sex positions, Lohan and Deen

  • I love any excuse to talk about the sex scenes in Game of Thrones, and Paris Review doesn’t disappoint me with this entertaining analysis of the sex positions seen on the HBO Game of Thrones series – and why there’s an abundance of fellatio and doggy-style scenes. It was also a great excuse to post the above image of the truly awesome Peter Dinklage (I’m a fan!), who plays Tyrion Lannister on the show.
    Coitus More Ferarum in Game of Thrones (Paris Review)
  • In the heart of tech and location of the world’s newest millionaires, on the eve of San Francisco’s 2012 celebration of gay Pride, the AIDS Memorial Quilt failed to raise enough money for the nonprofit to create a simple app. With VC’s throwing millions at startups left and right, and safely straight nonprofits getting donations by the score from Silicon Valley’s overflow of resources, what gives?
    Silicon Valley Fails The AIDS Memorial Quilt (News: SFAppeal)
  • We need to fix a whole lot of people’s sex lives: The reward given by a person’s brain when a Facebook posting of theirs is viewed, liked and commented on has proven to be comparable in pleasure to the response from food and sex, according to a recent Harvard University study.
    Facebook Sharing Comparable To Enjoyment From Sex, Food (CBS DC)

  • In a meandering article that centers on the dated issue of problems surrounding monetizing news and porn, The Atlantic looks at ICM Registry’s (dot-XXX) intent to create a porn micropayment processor “like iTunes” and astutely dismisses it as untenable.
    Why Porn and Journalism Have the Same Big Problem (The Atlantic)
  • In his This Modern World comic strip, the always excellent Tom Tomorrow takes on the scandal around use of the word “vagina” in the US House of Representatives, with results made of win.
    Unspeakable (Daily Kos)
  • File under I’m sure this will turn out as expected: The company behind YouPorn and PornHub (Manwin) has agreed to fund an anti-piracy outfit dedicated to bringing down ‘rogue’ cyberlockers and illicit file-sharing forums.
    Pornhub & YouPorn Owner Funds Fight Against Cyberlockers (TorrentFreak)
  • Spurred by a classroom demonstration involving a sex toy, Tennessee recently enacted a pro-abstinence sex education law that is among the strictest in the nation. The most debated section of the bill bars educators from promoting “gateway sexual activity.” But supporters seemed too squeamish during floor debate to specify what that meant, so critics soon labeled it the “no holding-hands bill.”
    Critics Blast Tennessee’s ‘No Holding-Hands Bill’ (ABC News)

  • Sandra Fluke rendered decades of feminist porn dismissively invisible in one awful response to the NYT Magazine. New York Times: What does feminist porn look like? Sandra Fluke, “feminist superstar”: I’ll let you know when I find any.
    Sandra Fluke’s Rocky Path to Feminist Superstardom (NYTimes)

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