Sex News: Datasexuals, Testicle Crushing Death, Brogrammers, Dan Savage, Maggie Gyllenhaal

  • The man on the graphic photo below is a 42-year-old shop owner in the Meilan District of Haikou City, in Hainan, that big island south of mainland China. A 41-year-old woman killed him by squeezing his testicles.
    Woman Kills Man By Squeezing His Testicles (Gizmodo)
  • Madison Young, kinky feminist porn performer, director, and producer, spoke at a panel discussion last night at Apexart gallery as part of their exhibition Consent. It also included Sinnamon Love, Tina Horn, Dan Reilly, Museum of Sex curator Sarah Forbes, and Cindy Gallop.
    Talking About Porn With the People Who Make It (The Measure)
  • Great interview with Dan Savage. His column Savage Love has run for 20 years (!) and is syndicated in over 60 newspapers, his It Gets Better Project has helped countless gay teens cope with bullying, and MTV tapped him to bring his trademark wit to college campuses for its new TV show Savage U.
    So What Do You Do, Dan Savage, Nationally Syndicated Sex Columnist? (Mediabistro)
  • A standing ovation for this post: “I wasn’t far into the story when I realized that Fifty Shades of Grey not only sets people who live a BDSM lifestyle back decades in terms of being understood by society, but that it eroticizes dangerous practices as well, especially for those who are new to this aspect of sexuality and looking to incorporate it into their lives.”
    The Troubling Message in Fifty Shades of Grey (BlogHer)

Image via David LaChapelle’s Eden for Flaunt Magazine.

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  1. The Daily Mail’s ramblings are usually flitting, if it’s not illegal immigrants, it’s gypsies or paedophilia, basically anything that they feel they have to protect middle England from. The topic was covered on the BBC (which is usually left leaning) and aside from the quote by the “feminist” who was one of the “porn is evil, it breaks kids brains [citation needed]” types, it was a good article and the comments were largely intelligent and knocking down the ignorant anti-porn stuff with the more obvious protection techniques such as having the PC in a family room not locked in the kid’s room and actually supervising and talking to children about the subject.

    The problem really that we have is misinformation – a classic quote from the mum interviewed is:

    “There might be a lack of evidence about the deleterious effect of porn. But most parents know it would be harmful for both boys and girls.”

    So there is no evidence to support a belief but it must be true anyway??

    A far better informed person (a university professor in this area) summed it up far better than I could:

    “Porn is not part of sex education and we don’t talk about what’s on the internet. Both parents and teachers are often embarrassed to talk about it. Personal Health and Social Education classes would be the logical place to discuss internet porn. “

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