Help Fund Seed Money: The Chuck Holmes Story

“Chuck Holmes built a gay porn empire, then used that fortune to help fund the gay rights movement – only to find that while his money was welcome, his association often wasn’t.”

I seldom post about funding various projects and/or Kickstarters because there seems to be an endless stream of them… And after a while they blur. Seed Money: The Chuck Holmes Story is one I want to help fund for many reasons – because it would be an incredible contribution to the cultural conversation about porn (especially since gay porn is ignored by Big Porn and anti-porn pundits alike.) But also because I’d really love a copy of that San Francisco sex ed poster for $250 contributors!

Chuck Holmes was gay porn’s Hugh Hefner, a sauve charmer, a unrivaled businessman, a man with a taste for the finest things, be they Bentleys, boats or blonds, a man who never took no for an answer.

Using his Falcon fortune, Chuck gave millions to organizations like the HRC, the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, to politicians like Barney Frank and Bill Clinton, to the AIDS Memorial Grove. But despite the money and the philanthropy, Chuck himself never quite fit in himself. Though he was a prodigious philanthropist, he always feared that his ‘dirty money’ would be returned. And sometimes he was right.

This is a really good cause with serious talent ready to tell an amazing story. There are only a few days left to donate: please do chip in if you can spare it and the topic resonates.

Kickstarter: Seed Money: The Chuck Holmes Story

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