Social Media in Safe Sex Study, Siri Dirty Talk, Dangerous Dildos, Adult API Developer Contest [Sex News]

  • UK government will hold ISP’s responsible for filtering internet content to appease a Christian charity. There is no technical or peer scrutiny in filter implementation. Like a Hammer Horror movie monster that keeps coming back to life for a new sequel no matter how much its death at the end of the first movie makes sense, the UK’s government-backed ISP porn filtering plan is back for another predictable round of B-grade nonsense. New UK ISP porn filter: a tragedy of transparency, privacy and security (Violet Blue: Pulp Tech)
  • University of South Florida professor Eric Buhi spent years researching the sexual risks to young people who met through the Internet. But as the results came in, he began to see it wasn’t the threat that people thought it was. And that led to his latest study of how digital technology can help young people make better choices. He and a group of student helpers are using USF to pilot test their “BtC” campaign. Social media used to support safer sex for USF study (

  • Joshua Topolsky writes, “Look, I’m not going to go into great detail about what I’ve been doing with Siri during my testing period, but I will tell you this — Siri says some crazy stuff. Hit the gallery for a look at a number of bizarre items the AI-powered / voice-recognizing “intelligent assistant” lays on you on the new iPhone 4S.” Siri says some weird things (This is my next…)
  • The number of teenage boys using a condom during their first sexual experience increased by nine percent, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Wednesday. The CDC released the most recent study on “Teenagers in the United States: Sexual Activity, Contraceptive Use, and Childbearing, 2006-2010.” CDC: Safe sex becoming more accepted by teens (Medill Reports)
  • I’ve stated on many occasions that Pipedream sex toys and sex products are among the worst in regard to sexual health and safety. But when a woman cut her vagina on a cheap Pipedream toy so badly she needed blood to stay alive, it adds a sick insult to injury for the SF Weekly to make a joke out of her lack of sexual satisfaction. Assholes. Anyway, she’s suing: California Woman Sues Sex Toy Company Over Unsatisfying Dildo (The Snitch)

  • To encourage developers to create and submit applications in through the company’s recently launched API, Pink Visual announced today the launch of a developers challenge. The contest winner will get a trip to Las Vegas in January to attend Pink Visual’s PronParty or a $2,500 cash prize in lieu of the trip. Pink Visual Announces Developer Contest With New API (XBIZ Newswire; disclosure – PV is an advertiser on TinyNibbles)
  • Crunkashell writes, “As I age, I am curious about that moment when singlehood switches in peoples’ minds from the willfulness of youthful independence to tragic pathological existence. I have a more playful, flirtatious way of thinking about intimate relationships which usually rubs up against (and not in a good way) a social expectation for monogamy…” Living Single (The Crunk Feminist Collective, via Moneda)
  • Amateur webcam porn is the subject of investigative reporter Lisa Ling’s upcoming show on the OWN cable network. The original New York Post story was so grossed out and idiotic about the subject matter they don’t deserve a link. This deserves a better writeup somewhere… OWN Network TV Show Spotlights Amateur Webcam Porn (XBIZ Newswire)

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