Anonymous Outs Pedos, Hitachi Magic Wand Banned, War on Sex Ed, Rihanna LaChapelle Lawsuit [Sex News]

  • This past week hacktivist collective Anonymous claimed credit for taking offline over 40 websites used for sharing pedophilia – and for exposing the names and identifying information of more than 1500 alleged pedophiles that had been using the sites. Anonymous Attacks Child Porn Websites and Publish User Names (Pulp Tech)
  • Rihanna has reached a settlement with celebrity photographer David LaChapelle after he claimed her S&M video was “directly derived” from his pictures. LaChapelle sued the singer earlier this year seeking $1m in damages. Rihanna settles with David LaChapelle over S&M video (BBC)
  • “One of the complaints about sex ed for children is that it sexualizes them. I hear this sort of thing from people who push for abstinence-only programs even though they don’t work. But whatever the motivations behind it, I think it’s worth taking a look at the idea that talking about sexuality creates sexualization, especially since it’s used to attack sex education.” The Difference Between Talking About Sex And Having Sex (Charlie Glickman)
  • The recent New York Times Op-Ed “Does Sex Ed Undermine Parental Rights?” is a political campaign against sex education. New conservative propaganda throughout the piece leads readers into thinking there is a concerted effort being made by sex educators to contribute to “the sexualization of children in our society at younger ages.” Spewing Misinformation and Ideology, A New York Times Op-Ed Spreads Unfounded Fears About Sex Ed (RH Reality Check)
  • Anti-HIV drug, tenofovir, when formulated as a vaginal gel, was found to reduce herpes simplex risk in females, researchers from the USA, Belgium and Italy reported in the journal Cell Host & Microbe. Tenofovir HIV Vaginal Gel Protects Against Herpes (Medical News Today)

  • The Technology of Orgasm is a hugely influential book, now made into a film starring Maggie Gyllenhaal, that argues 19th century doctors used Victorian vibrators to cure ‘female hysteria’ through the induction of [serious look] ‘hysterical paroxysms.’ But it seems that the main argument may not be as breathtaking as it first appears. Glitches in The Technology of Orgasm (Mind Hacks)
  • In a blow to UK pleasure, the Hitachi Magic Wand is now banned in the UK. Without a CE mark to declare it as safe for the European market, trading standards have been searching sex toy warehouses and stopping the sale of the appliance within the entire European Economic Area. World’s Best Selling Sex Toy Banned in the UK (Lovehoney UK)
  • A 39-year-old Arizona man admitted this morning to being the Super Bowl porn hacker who caused thousands of Comcast subscribers to see 37-seconds of an X-rated movie during the 2009 Super Bowl. Tucson man admits being Super Bowl porn hacker (AZ Starnet)
  • The “Rape is Rape” campaign, demanding that all rapes be counted in the FBI’s annual Uniform Crime Report (UCR), took a huge step forward yesterday at a crucial meeting of law enforcement officials. UPDATE: Major Victory in “Rape Is Rape” Campaign (Ms Magazine Blog)

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