Fetish in Versace, Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton

There are certainly some sexy things in this shoot by Tom Munro for Numero Magazine, its theme for the new issue (#125) being fetish. And maybe you’ll disagree with me, but seeing as this shoot set out to deliver ‘fetish’ it made me think that I’ve seen far more fetishy fashion shoots that have not necessarily deliberately intended to be fetish shoots. I love some of the images in the set – perhaps I am guilty of expecting the outrageous and surprising when I see the theme is fetish? I don’t know, but as you do know, I’m generally a sucker for fetish, couture and lingerie as shot by fashion photogs. Aymeline Valade by Tom Munro for Numéro #125 delivers on all counts. It’s worth a peek.

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