Eye Candy: The Sausage Factory

Anita de Bauch

Here in San Francisco we have a restaurant called The Sausage Factory. Haha, lol, you say – the city known for beers and queers and general sexytime has a restaurant named after peen. And I agree with you that it is pretty silly and fun, though I will burst your bubble a little by telling you it’s a chain and so not intentionally named (sad!) and maybe a bit more by telling you that there used to be a cafe on Polk Street called The White Swallow. And that is awesome. The best part about The Sausage factory being in San Francisco is that it happens to be located in the Castro – my home, and our gay district. The food is mediocre, but the endless jokes from visiting friends while walking around my neighborhood… are fantastic. Long live the Castro’s Sausage Factory (and factories).

That said, there are few sausages in this Eye Candy post.

Pretty girls:

Girls together in videos:

Girls in charge, British CFNM:

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  • Glad you like Anita DeBauch, she’s lovely! More often seen doing glamour and fetishwear, so it’s good to see her looking a bit more natural at BT. It’s definitely a site that’s grown on me… but meantime, I’m off to try Digital Desire while their current daft pricing is still in effect!

  • Former SF dweller

    A chain? I don’t think so – a friend’s family owns that place, and I’m pretty sure that the building used to be a sausage factory “back in the day.” Some of the racks used to hang sausage to dry are still intact in the back room. Go check it out if you don’t believe me, and if Tony is working, get a pizza; he can make em NYC-style.