Tuesday Nibbles: SciAm on Infatuation, Easy-On Condom Innovation, How Sex Noises Turn Us On, The Bible’s Sex Crimes

sensis pull tab condoms

* I want to try the Sensis (sound alert) pull-tab condoms – can they really be *that* much easier? How Hefty Garbage Bags Inspired a Condom Manufacturer’s Design (Fast Company)

* My fave Scientific American writer delivered this eat-it-with-a-spoon article on the “sin” (indulgence) of infatuation, especially those we cannot have – and wow, can we relate: Bering in Mind: My lust: A Valentine’s Day confession and the psychology of infatuation (scientificamerican.com)

* This post has pretty much the best OkCupid profile, etiquette and dating advice I’ve seen yet scroll to bottom for tips), and it’s not from the dating site – it’s from a very successful user: OkCupid Wikileaks Valentine’s Day Love (hipsforhire.com)

* Evelyn Hooker’s groundbreaking research exploded the notion that homosexuality was a mental illness – now more than ever I think we need to bring back her very real work: The myth buster (apa.org, via @vaughanbell)

* The lawyers shaking down groups of people (20,000) in the UK for “stealing” porn have been exposed for exploitation, and we knew ACS:Law had to be bad, bad people… Read: Innocents chased to pay for illegal porn downloads (BBC News)

* Thanks to everyone who sent me this, and though true, it’s a not terribly new revelation (and what of the last 20 years of slash?!): What women want: Gay male romance novels (The Globe and Mail)

* Actually, when someone is made to feel bad for sexual interest, the damage is not superficial – and here’s how, in an excellent post by Dr. Glickman: The Pain of Rejection and Shame (Charlie Glickman)

* The artists are in jail, their triumphs include an orgy in a modern art museum and painting a big penis on an erecting drawbridge! And they are up for an grant!?! Russian Art Group Voina Nominated For Huge Endowment (techyum)

* Present in the Holy Bible is adultery, incest, sexual harassment, drug facilitated sexual assault, rape, gang rape, homosexuality, transvestism, voyeurism, bestiality, exhibitionism and necrophilia: References to biblical paraphilias and sexual crimes (PubMed)

* I found the concept sexy and inspiring, rather than manipulative and I loved, loved this article about how the sounds a woman makes increases the arousal of her partner and can make them (here:him) come… Let’s hear it for the boy (Mind Hacks, thanks Praemedia)

* Then there’s a wholly different take on it, where it’s more like unpremeditated breath control to heighten orgasm: On the function of groaning and hyperventilation during sexual intercourse (Discover Magazine)

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  • Gus

    I’ve been using condoms for a long time, and while I rarely have problems, they are occasionally tricky in the dark, resulting in the flipping thing that sour mix mentioned. Conscientious men throw that one out and start over, but there are a lot of less than conscientious men out there. It might also make things just a little smoother, faster, easier. That would be good. I just wish they came with spermicidal lubricant. I’m a take no chances kind of guy. In face, I wish condoms came in extra-thick.

  • sour mix

    The flipping thing impacts us more…guys dont realize when they start putting it wrong and then flip it…if he’s got gonorrhea, just increased my chance of getting it….so i love the concept.

    need to try senses…can u get strips with trojan or durex ?

  • I’m fascinated by the moaning studies. My own hunch (no scientific research whatsoever!) would have been to say that moaning occurs for many reasons. Just like when we’re eating chocolate. But there’s nothing like a good study to get you thinking on a different level… Thanks so much for the links, which I’m passing on to others.

  • We had lots of people asking the same thing about the Sensis condoms – so we made a video of someone putting them on a dildo to give you an idea of how they work.
    Skip to 00:51 and you can see it in action:

  • Paul

    About the condoms, isn’t one supposed to hold the tip of the condom so no air gets trapped in there? How do you do that with these new condoms, if you need 2 hands to pull the strips?
    And are people really that clumsy that they can’t put a condom on properly? I’ve never had any problems, never had one break or slip off. But maybe it’s just me…
    Right, it’s a bit of a turnoff to have to stop to put it on, but I don’t really think it’s worth the fuss.