Open Game: Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” Video

Born This Way video posted for graphic sexuality, latex couture, nipples, and Gaga’s cute bouncing boobies. Also for the cult factor.

This post is TOTALLY open to comment and crit. The video… has got a lot of wet vagina-stroking in it. I have a few thoughts but I’ll withhold unless you jump in. (Thanks @realmms!)

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  1. Funny that I should stumble across this now. I watched the video for the first time with my roommate the other day and was so unsettled I decided to blog about it. I just finished that post and then noticed this thread. So forgive me, I’m going to quote a bit of myself here (sorry, I know…super arrogant, I’m sorry). For the full piece, check out the blog.

    **caveat: none of the below comments are intended in any way as anti-queer or anti-freedom-of-sexual-expression**

    Gaga, Gaga, Gaga…. *shakes head*

    I’ve been trying to give Gaga the benefit of the doubt. I love her music and I think she’s a brilliant artist. But the subliminal messages she (or whoever’s coming up with the video’s) are driving me crazy. In spite of Gaga’s professed support for the LGBTQ movement, she’s not really adding anything [constructive] to the conversation. Sure, the lyrics of “Born this Way” are pretty clearly pro-queer, but her whole schpiel about “Mother Monster” and pure evil is a little…confusing? misleading?

    But whatever…if it were one video I’d shut my mouth and enjoy it. But it’s not just one video. In “Telephone,” we learned that queers are mass-murderers. In “Alejandro” we learned that queers are cross-dressing “sexual deviants” (and maybe anti-christs?). And now we’re all born of “Mother Monster”? Thanks, but no thanks Gaga. I don’t want your love or your ally-status and I sure as hell don’t wanna be friends. Let’s talk when you stop sensationalizing queerness and reinforcing what the right wing already thinks.

  2. I love the message of this song, I have a feeling it will be the anthem of Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras this year. It’s a touch Madonna in essence, but the world could use a few more Madonna’s!

    Stephen Moore, I’m really irritated by Vevo, Youtube ect. blocking things left, right and centre, watching such things should be left to a viewers discretion. Pretty soon we are going to have to look for Gaga and Rhianna on Porn Tube.

  3. Violet, have you heard of this guy William Ford III? He posted a note on Facebook that my friend linked to,& it talks about how Gaga is a living sign of the devil. I know it’s rude to make fun of people’s religions, but…. Damn, it’s a strange read.

    I can’t figure out how to send a link to you (because Facebook really is the devil!), but perhaps I could send it to you as a message? I think it would make an interesting part of this debate.

  4. I’m not at all sure how to take this video. The purely physical bits are nice, of course, and I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised when a major “star”‘s work feels ego-driven. To me, it felt more self-supportive than supportive of others. But perhaps I was in a delicate mood when I watched it.

    And I have to wonder if anyone farted rainbows during the video’s production.

  5. That’s… huh. That’s definitely a thing that it is.

    The thing about Lady Gaga is, I always have to wonder how meta she’s being. She’s basically using her entire career as a piece of extended performance art, or at least I think that’s what she’s doing; and so when she comes out with a video like this it makes me wonder not only what she’s doing within the video, but how the video itself is part of her larger commentary on fame and celebrity.

    Or maybe I’m way over-reading this.

  6. @ Violet: Didn’t check your YouTube link until after posting. The old guy in the Six Flags commercials has always struck me as disturbing. Can’t quite put a finger on why, but he seems somewhat demonic. I also see the similarity that you mentioned.

  7. Definitely an interesting video. The intro dragged on a bit for me. The facial and shoulder appliances were a nice touch, gave her a much more androgynous look.

    In regards to the above post question “Also, if people are perfect born the way they are, then how can something be born evil?” They are simply born perfectly evil. Perfection has many forms, it doesn’t mean you have to like them all.

  8. I love seeing Gaga in a pile of beautiful women, no doubt about that. She’s outdone Madonna for sure, but I feel like this song is part of a “Madonna phase.” I wonder who produced the new album. Either way, mad props for all the pussy stroking and all the things that will Make Westboro Baptist make even crazier signs for her concerts…

    I like the message of the song too, but I got sad when the dance segment of Gaga in the suit reminded me of this commercial:

  9. She’s gone to one ceremony dressed in meat. She’s gone to another in an egg. She’s two red carpets away from a Denny’s Grand Slam Breakfast!
    Sorry, I stole that one, but I still like it.

  10. I like the message of the song, but the intro-short is a bit confusing. In particular is says that “evil” was born, but what is this evil? Also, if people are perfect born the way they are, then how can something be born evil?

    IMO, Lady Gaga is great with the interesting imagery and fun music, but she falls flat on the philosophy and metaphysics.

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