A Tribute to Chloé des Lysses

Chloé des Lysses

A friend recently told me over dinner that he’d made this super-hot discovery – that wasn’t necessarily a “discovery” because the porn was not new, but that he’d just found it and it was so exquisite that he’d been somewhat stopped in his tracks, erotically speaking. It was all about the model. We sat at one of my favorite SF restaurants and he struggled to explain just what it was about this woman and the way she makes the viewer feel. It’s her composure, her beauty, her combination of detachment and focus – the layers.

Turns out, he was talking about a model I was very familiar with: Chloé des Lysses. Of all the erotic photo books I sold in the shop and wrote sales copy for when I worked at the Dildo Hut, there was no beating the work of Dahmane (the books were Porn Art and Porn Art 2). The French photographer had indisputable talent, and the combination of taboos and elegance in what comprised the two book’s image collections made customers of all genders and orientations simply unable to get enough of the little hardcover tomes. But at the heart of it all was the model: des Lysses. The books were always #1 in the sales charts year after year (even when we thought it was time for a new bestseller), but when the photographer released new work without des Lysses – well, we realized what the magic was. It was her. And when his work didn’t feature her, it dropped from the sales charts.

Many think that Dahmane was a scuzzy dude, but I’m not sure why, or if the reasons people say so are true or not. The fact is that they made porn together, and then they divorced. She went on to do more porn, work with Rocco Siffredi, etc. I do know that Chloé des Lysses was a stage name, and she has continued work in Europe as a photographer to this day – and recent photos show that she looks gorgeous, still.

You can find a lot of her with a quick Google, but if you’re not familiar, you might like her work. I put a few of my personal favorites – a tribute to Chloé des Lysses – after the jump.

Definitely look at this LiveJournal collection of Chloé des Lysses images.

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  • Chloe Lys
  • MC

    Regarding Dahmane (and Chloë), may be old news (post is from 2007, referring to 2005), but there you go:
    “Now the story behind the pix : Dahmane the talentless sleazeball who took the pix you’re fond of has a LOOONG reputation of degrading his models on the set, not paying them, publishing the pix in mags without the models being informed of this or getting their cut, etc etc.

    Since Chloë was much better-looking than any other model he worked with previously, he made sure she would be his cash-cow.
    He earnt & still makes a nice cash on Chloë’s pix, making two books, countless publications, plus $ilver prints sold to rich fat old guys from the 50000 images (incl. scat) he has of her .
    The funny part? Chloë NEVER made a cent on this stuff whereas Dahmane owns two flats in Paris with the products of “his” (ahem) efforts.

    As we speak Chloë des Lysses is broke, on welfare, almost homeless, legally harassed by her ex-husband whereas Dahmane is rich and has become the official snapper for one the French industrial mogul. She’s considered a whore by the judges therefore she’ll never ever win in courthouse : she’s been denied any control over what they did TOGETHER by the French justice (i.e. she’ll never make a buck on her pix) and she’s been sentenced to pay her ex-husband taxes for the time they were together. Neat, huh?”

    Source: http://www.avmaniacs.com/forums/showthread.php?t=31600

  • It’s odd how very differently people process these things. This is the kind of porn that I wouldn’t bother to pull out of a dumpster. That aura of detachment that some models have — and that’s almost all I see with Chloé — just leaves me totally cold. It processes visually to me as boredom, and if she’s bored with the scene and her photographer, I’m bored with her before I’m even done looking at the picture.

    I’ve seen these pictures before, of course, but I took a second look to see if I had been missing something. Nope, she still looks bored, and I’m still not sure why I’m looking at a picture of a bored snooty girl having sex.

    The one exception is — maybe — the first photo — but even there her non-bored smile is totally for the photographer, and seems to have nothing to do with the blowjob she is ostensibly performing. That’s *interesting* because of the story it suggests, but as porn, it’s still weak (for me).

    Of course all this is totally de gustibus non disputandem — I’m certainly not trying to rain on anybody else’s enjoyment. Especially as … given what Violet says about sales histories … I’m obviously in a minority here. ;-)

  • Pony

    Wow. Somehow she manages to be somewhere else entirely, and yet still completely engaged in the sex she’s having. Incredible.