Tuesday Nibbles: Aphrodisiac Worms, Emotions The Internet Invented, More…

* Above: superlative, sexy Romanian car insurance commercial. Why can’t *we* have nice things, too!!?? (via copyranter.blogspot.com)

* Be afraid. Be very afraid: Dating site creates profiles from public records (iTnews.com.au)

* Octomom pretends to be a dominatrix and whips a man in a baby outfit? (As “real” an AB/DL as she is a dominatrix, I’m sure.) It sounds utterly contrived, sex-negative, and really unsettling with her whole “I’m a mom” persona – but I’ll let Michael make it funny, or as funny-sad as it can be: A Check Is A Check: OctoMom Is Doing Fetish Videos Now (Dlisted.com)

* I read this with much interest, and might expand this idea into sexual interests and behaviors for an article: Five Emotions Invented By The Internet (thoughtcatalog.com)

* Shades of “Girl Who Played With Fire” without the awesomeness of Lisbeth Salander: Child sex trafficking in UK on the rise with even younger victims targeted (guardian.co.uk)

* It’s more serious than thought: the sexual problems don’t go away: Baldness drug Propecia ‘risking men’s sexual health’ (bbc.co.uk)

* Would you eat worms to get a hard-on (or a wet-on)? Arousing success for cordyceps sinensis, a fungus-covered worm called “Himalayan Viagra” (NYPOST.com)

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  • The Internet emotions are kinda cool. The last one was about long answers, but I’ve felt that about short answers on twitter too. I start writing it and then what I want to say doesn’t fit, so I delete it all and am glad that I don’t have to bother managing it, but sad that I seem to never participate in conversations.

  • Lea

    I re-posted your Facebook-phone number-sharing link, earlier in the week, to my Facebook page and shared with my friends/contacts there – thanks again for that, Violet …

    And now – more data-mining via Facebook? thanks for this article via IT News – and how exactly is this any sort of dating site if the listed profiles are, in fact, not even people who are looking for their dating services? Let’s hope they sink the way they deserve to … in the meantime, however …?

    And (just another by the way) for anyone to suggest that ‘all information in the public domain is free for the taking’ is outrageous, isn’t it? What about intellectual copyright of individuals’ photography, writing, etc….?

  • Popzealot

    Romanian car insurance commercial elicited several giggle snorts… interlaced with pangs of language barrier angst.

    Public records are scary with or without dating sites using it. It’s one of the ways hackers figure out your passwords too.

    Octomom fetish videos? I was surfing randomly yesterday and came across that too. Thought it was a joke, so didn’t check it out. Boy was I right! ;-)

    Five Emotions Invented By The Internet …. in serious need of sniglets.

    Child sex trafficking … didn’t read it. Things I’d prefer to pretend don’t exist.

    Could we mate a Viagra worm with a curing baldness worm… then declare it an endangered species so the Chinese develop an unsustainable appetite for it all?

  • Daniel

    The Thought Catalogue piece was interesting. Browsed some of their other content and looks like a good resource. Thanks for featuring it.