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explicit eye candy

If the main reason you visit my website is for the free porn, or if you want to be able to find it when you need it, than I have a special new feature just for you. In the top tabs, there is now a tab linking to a page called EYE CANDY. For your complete enjoyment, here is the RSS feed (

EYE CANDY is where all new “pretty girl,” “hot boy,” “delicious queers” and all general gratuitous porn and free gallery posts will go – and where to find all the archives. You won’t miss anything. These posts will still be posted on this blog as usual, while being simultaneously posted on the EYE CANDY page and feed.

In case you don’t know, for all my porn posts I link to free galleries with videos and large images of quality porn, personally screened and handpicked – it’s stuff I think is well done, authentic, where performers are having a great (and safe, and sexy, and sometimes cute and joyful) time. They are the promo material of paysites, and I am not encouraging you to sign up, only to enjoy yourself. My goal is to create and demonstrate a “Whole Foods” approach to porn.

I also aim for eroticism and diversity, chemistry, and sex acts that are real life desires, rather than porn stereotypes. But, I feature those too sometimes because when they’re good, they’re arousing too. Diversity in sex acts, gender, skin color, sexual orientation and safe/sane/consensual kink and offbeat sex is all warmly welcome – just as much as the leggy Eastern European models and candyfloss porn stars. I make no assumption about who you are. I seek to empower female porn viewers and create a space where men are not stigmatized. I seek to create a third space for genderqueer porn viewers as well.

I get notifications of new shoots from various sites almost every day, and I comb through them. I do my best to avoid giving you what you *don’t* want to see, and I take requests – and I deliver.

Enough manifesto! Here are some galleries for this exciting EYE CANDY post – these are all from French porn empire Explicite Art, heterosexual hardcore (I tend to think the men on this site are tastier than domestic male performers):

* Busty blonde Sabrina with whipped cream, candies and a Hitachi.
* Liza Del Serra seems to combine yoga with anal sex.
* Lou Charmelle and Sharon Lee in warmer climes, being nasty by the pool.
* Lastly, two video (.wmv) galleries where you can just skip to the come shots, mostly facial: gallery one and gallery two.

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  1. Thank you for your insights and caring. Your site is beautiful… I have a question about why a vibrator, which I rarely use, seems to deaden my orgasmic senses. I’ve used it once a week for the last 2-3 months and I have a noticeable decline in orgasmic strength. I used to have 6-12 pretty powerful satisfying orgasms with manual stim. Now I get really turned on…but then the climax is barely there. I’m 43, my gyn says vibrators don’t effect orgasmic response, that it could be a ‘blood flow’ issue, but I can see and feel the engorgement…it’s the desensitization. On the web, I’ve read several women with the same question. My only answer is to stop using the vibe and hope I can get my feeling back. I do Kegels, but need to do them ‘deeper’ I think I’ve only been using the superficial muscles. Either way, I’m going to try and not beat myself up over this. I’m going to notice how my body is working, and keep trying. It’s difficult if you have a partner who has been patient, but not particularly understanding. So I’ll figure it out on my own for a while :)

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