Friday Nibbles: Your Weekend Sex News Reader

Sexy Cora

This is what happens when I have a book deadline and miss a few days! Lots of weird, sad, scary, interesting and titillating sex news to peep…

* Carolin Berger, German porn star (AKA Sexy Cora) died yesterday: German reality TV star Cora dies after sixth breast op (, image via Facebook)

* The at-any-cost “family” group PTC is protesting a new TV show that sounds like Larry Clark’s controversial film “Kids” – MTV’s ‘Skins’: child porn or not child porn. (

* Mormon hotel chain says it’s a financial decision: Marriott Taking Adult Content ‘Off the Menu’ (XBIZ Newswire)

* Great article on monogamy discussions in relationships: Talking Monogamy Blues (

* More about pthalates: Health Canada to restrict chemicals in kids toys, but adult sex toys may pose similar danger (

* People are really talking about this – he used Facebook to answer their security questions: Man Stole Nude Photos From Women’s E-mail Accounts (

* Great news! US Hospital visitation rights for same-sex partners now required by federal rules (

* I discovered a fun college flirting site that is very trendy: Like A Little – Like A Lot! (

* Letters from Robert, fascinating: Guccione’s Smut-by-Mail Past, Alleged Mob Connections (

* Scathing, sex-negative, but deservedly bitchy: Brooklyn Kinda Love: a new Playboy TV show signals the end of Brooklyn (

* Anti-sex-ed bully, power-abusing dickhead: Lawsuit over sex ed e-mail dropped (

* NY Museum of Sex’s new show looks really cool: Pow! Zap! Sex!: New Show Lays Bare the History of Erotic Comix (

* I hate clowns. Let’s keep abortion legal so we have less of them. But if they help.. whatever. Clowning helps IVF patients become pregnant: study (

* Fantastic – sex info text service in UK charges users (a lot!) for answers, so orgs are buying blocks and giving them away free: Keep Sex Ed Free (

* Air humping is funny. But not in *my* bed, please. Dispatches from the Air Sex World Championships (

* Darwin’s Rape Whistle: Jesse Bering responds to the critics on female sex science studies about rape. (

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  • Peter

    Here here! My housemate and I were just talking about how many shows are ripoffs of British TV. I especially like SyFy’s “original” series “Being Human” where they didn’t even change the name from the British actually-original-series.


    The other thing that gets me about the “Skins” business is about how people are all up in arms around teens being sexual beings, but no one seems terribly concerned about violence on TV and in the movies. There was a video game that came out a little while ago where, if you did everything right, you could get a storyline to progress to a gay romance between two of the characters where there was an implied (not even shown) love scene. One poster complained that he didn’t want his 5 year old daughter exposed to such filth. It left me wondering why he was exposing his 5 year old daughter to the literally thousands of decapitations (complete with spurting blood) depicted in the game. Apparently death, murder, and suffering are just dandy thanks… but god forbid we should imply that two dudes might kiss… that would be just awful.

    Ok… now I have to go find my happy place.

  • I feel the exact same way – I feel like no one in the US will ever know the true greatness of Green Wing, they will only think the shit-series Scrubs is the ultimate ER LOL series.

    I’m so glad you pointed it out – it’s a pet peeve of mine. WaPo’s headline is just SO WaPo.

    American remakes should be against the Geneva Convention. I die a little inside just thinking of what Hollywood will do to Let The Right One In and Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

  • Just like to point out that the show should not be referred to as ‘MTV’s Skins’….
    Better off by it’s proper name of ‘MTV’s blatant rip off of the amazing Britsh show Skins’.

    Sorry i just feel strongly on this issue, i’m sick of American tv execs ripping awesome British shows to make only half decent remakes. In the latest batch they have Skins, Being Human & Shameless. All shows made fairly recently… IN ENGLISH. If they were in a foreign language or really old i could understand, but no.

    Ok that’s my rant over.