Bobbi Starr, Lexi Belle: Eye Candy

Lexi Belle, Bobbi Starr, Gracie Glam, Breanne Benson

Bobbi Starr was one of the articulate heroines at the video industry’s porn convention last weekend – meanwhile I found out that a dear friend who runs a well-known tech blog is a fan of Lexi Belle and he texted me in delight when he got to meet and chat with her (by chance!) when he escaped CES for an evening. So I decided to see what mainstream porno silliness each had gotten up to on 2010’s most-torrent-search-requested individual porn site, Naughty America. Good enough to steal by name? You tell me. They were the only porn company in the top 100.

For fun, I picked through their database, and Belle’s and Starr’s shoots are pretty… dirty. Lots of smiles, too. Three very explicit videos and more links and shoots are after the jump.

* Lexi Belle, Bobbi Starr, Gracie Glam, Breanne Benson: four girls on one guy in Paris Hilton‘s laundromat. (Well, you have to admit it looks like her, and she would do something as humiliating as run a coin-op…) Here’s the sample video; here are four more short clips.

* Bobbi Starr, James Deen, very lucky red couch. Here’s the video teaser; here are four more sample videos.

* Lexi Belle as a co-ed; “Naughty Bookworm” Lexi is late turning in her Spanish paper. Trouble ensues. Here’s the trailer; here are four more teasers.

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  • The thing about Lexi is that she threw herself into the industry with true abandon, yet has drawn lines in the sand as to what she will and won’t do. It’s pretty clear from her body of work that she’s having fun, experimenting and has some business savvy. If she sticks with it she’ll join the ranks of Nina Hartley and Sharon Mitchell.

    I truly had no idea Bobbi Starr had so much going on (and from the Bay area!), if only there were some resource online for these folks to post to ;)

    Re: that list… I think an Inception porno parody is long past due!

  • Josh

    I agree. Bobbi Starr is absolutely beautiful and shining in her clip. I think nothing is sexier than a sex-positive woman enjoying herself and having sex because she wants to. I find most porn to dominated by well, domination and aggression. I know some people like it, but it’s not my thing. This seems to have a good balance. Thanks, I’ll watch this site for more like this. (BTW, the next one with Lexi, where she’s fucking for a class extension seems exploitative. A bad message in my opinion. She should be fucking because she wants to, not as leverage. IMHO)

  • That does look like Paris.
    Not sure what’s so humiliating about running a coin-op laundry though.
    People do need to clean their clothes somehow.

  • Justin

    now That is some excellent sex-positive porn. Everyone enjoying themselves, cute funny intro story, and actors who seem to like giving the others pleasure. +1 for no gagging scenes as well