The Year in Sex 2010

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A roundup of other people’s lists that circles the globe, ranging from talented sex bloggers and bright sex educators to entertaining mainstream media candyfluff. These lists are my favorite end of the year guilty pleasure, and I’ve been culling them just for this post.

It’s been a good year to be bad.

Christina Hendricks New York Magazine

* Christina Hendricks (above), Mila Kunis, Tina Fey, more. Esquire loves the ladies – check out their gallery, Esquire’s Hottest Women (Women We Loved) 2010. (

* .XXX domain, Australian censorship (Operation Titstorm), queers, anti-porn feminism, more. From Australia comes the best year in review for women and porn, and an important indie porn wrap from a formidable female pornographer: Porn For Women Retrospective 2010. (

* Charlie Sheen, Al Gore (and masseuse), Christine O’Donnell, DADT, The Slut Gene, It Gets Better, Assange, more. A gallery – love these year-end, make-you-click-100-times posts, eh? Nay. But Daily Beast’s Year In Sex 2010 gallery is mildly entertaning, at least. (

Tori Black as Catwoman

* Tori Black (above), Lupe Fuentes, more. I love Sexaminer! Check out Examiner’s Top Five Porn Stars of The Year 2010. (Ed note: female porn stars only,

* Sex and video games: Nipple wasps, sex crimes, thumb puppets and grinding to Kinect. IGN’s Year in [Videogame] Sex is hella nerdy. (

* Penis pumps, painful sex, cock size, vaginal taste, more. One of America’s leading top sex educators Cory Silverberg posts an interesting FAQ in The Top Sex Questions 2010. (

Kate Moss in a Fleet Harness

* Mario Testino, Eniko Mihalik, Miranda Kerr, Kate Moss (above), Louis Vuitton, more. Sex and fashion (haute couture): when my fave fashion blog died, I found FGR off a link from their site – many have reposted them since. I’m pleased to see Fashion Gone Rogue’s own Year in Review | Fashion Gone Risqué 2010. (

* Facebook and syphillis, Clitoraid, Sex Lies and Pharmaceuticals, more. In the UK, beloved sex educator Dr. Petra Boyton does a tidy wrap on her view of The Best and Worst Sex and Science Stories of 2010. (

* A record number of sex activists died this year. About: Sex has a nearly complete list (missing: John Leslie) in the somewhat shocking Sex and Gender Pioneers, Activists, Artists and Others Who Died in 2010. (

* Old Spice guy, Xbox, AXE, cheerleader boobs on Chatroulette for Dr. Pepper, more. Old Spice guy is made entirely of animals in heat. AmIright? Sex and advertising: not purposely about sex, but bursting with it is Adrants’ Most Read Adrants Stories of 2010. (

* Jiz Lee, Eon McKai, Feminist Porn Awards, Padded Kink, more. Courtney Trouble’s Year In Fast Forward reads like a queer porn 2010 greatest hits. (

* Photos of sexy San Franciscans and the exceedingly naughty things we do – in our streets, the horses are never frightened. SF Weekly has a hyooge gallery (many clicks) of Best of San Francisco: The Year in NSFW. (

* Oh, we’ve got New York, too – the Village Voice’s gallery is hot, it’s New York: The Year in NSFW. (

VB note: The two main things I felt went overlooked in 2010’s pop culture sex roundups were True Blood and Lady Gaga.

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